Jun 25, 2018 in Sociology

Gender Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Glass Ceiling                                                          

Glass ceiling is used to define an artificial ground under which minority groups and women are discriminated against. The discrimination is aimed at denying women and the minority an opportunity to advance to higher levels. Such levels include executive management in corporate organizations and firms. Women who are qualified and have merited in their performances have been denied opportunities to advance to top level jobs. Therefore, the ‘Glass ceiling’ is a complete barrier towards women and a direct violation of their right. Majority of managers and top executives in many corporate organizations are men. As men enjoy top level management, women have been left to concentrate on lower levels of management or subordinates. The glass ceiling therefore describes women who cannot climb up the ladder of leadership and management at their work place as it is the case with men.

There are certain invisible forces making the glass ceiling remain in place. Most women remain frustrated by the fact that they have to balance both family and career. Other practical matters that represent the glass ceiling are the differences in remuneration. In addition, the fact that most women lose out of company business whenever they are out on maternity is discriminatory. Furthermore, there is a difference with men who do not take time off work to be physically present with their wife’s when their child is born.

Strategies and considerations have been put in place to bring gender discrimination to a stop. Work place sensitization programs are put in place from the lowest level to the highest in any organization to refute ideas around a woman’s capabilities. This program also ensures that there is improvement in management styles and the understanding on family issues and gender sensitivity. The program should also include training of women in the line of management and line experience to encourage women to work hard towards managerial positions. Again, gender sensitization will allow women join administrative communication networks that are considered both formal and informal.

Corporate organizations should also put in place integrated efforts that will ensure equal opportunities for both men and women in employment. Laws and policies should be implemented to stop women from being penalized financially for carrying pregnancy. This will bring to balance the fact that women are making less for doing the same jobs as men.

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