Jun 25, 2018 in Sociology

Community Social Problems

I live in Central ward of Newark City. Central ward is the poorest ward of the city that is among the poorest and most dangerous in USA.  As a result of joblessness, crime rate is quite high in Newark. Armed robbers struck at anytime of the day. Apart from the guarded business premises, business proprietors and private properties are at risk of attack by the robbers. Going by the Newark Crime Rate Report, 1870 incidences of crime were reported in 2010. Of these cases, about 67 were violent robbery. Safety of every individual is not guaranteed since even the law enforcement agencies are at times under attack.

With a poverty rate of 24.2 per cent, the city ranks among the poorest in New Jersey. People live in deplorable houses with barely enough food to sustain them each day. With high level of unemployment (12 per cent), people are stressed up with life of hardship. Apart from incidences of malnutrition among the children, getting education is not guaranteed due to poor state of schools in the area. The few standard schools that are available can only be accessed by the few rich in the ward. Social ills such as abortion, teenage pregnancies, drug and substance abuse, and street families are not strange in this ward. Sanitation and environmental quality is at its worst in the ward. While people are social in this community due to cluster way of settlement, the fact that they are poor restricts them from helping each other out.

Improving this community will not require the government and the city authorities to beef up security. In stead, the government has to get to the bottom of the issues. To start with, education must be availed to the people. They should then address unemployment situation in the community. Sanitation and health situation must also be addressed. Once these are addressed, the government can then venture into secondary issues such as beefing up security.

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