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The Al-Qaeda consider 9-11 war as just, although “just” only set the tone for punishment for grievances and other wrong doings which remain uncorrected within the society. Their reason was based on violation of what they considered to be their right which the American government had overstepped its powers so as to take control of them. They were thus on a revenge mission aimed at destabilizing the American systems. To the Al-Qaeda’s the Americans had no legitimate right to commit aggression against other societies.

The 9-11 Al-Qaeda attack can provide the American policy makers to always act with legitimate reasons and incases of self defense then it must always improve its security system because they have constantly gone against the wishes of many other groups other than the Al-Qaeda which are ready to attack the American states for revenge purposes or to gain fame for fighting with the world’s super powers.

The Virginia Tech massacre, at Virginia Polytechnic Institute on April 16, 2007 and which killed 33 students and left many others wounded was the deadliest form of massacre on the American soil to be carried out by a single gunman. In my opinion these was just an act of social disorder that involved a mentally unstable person and not necessary a form of terrorism. This is because terrorism activities are usually planned and executed by organized groups whose aim is to inflict the greatest pain on its target. The shot out at VirginiaTechUniversity do not qualify to be classified as an act of terrorism because it was executed by only one person whose mental history revealed that he was mentally unstable.

United States is vulnerable to weapons of mass destruction that can be used against it by its enemies; it is for this reason why it keeps an eye on all the undercover activities of all the states it feels have potential threat to its peace by ensuring that they do not manufacture such weapons. In the process, the affected country keeps planning of ways to attack the American state thus making the problem more real.

America should be more prepared for an early anthrax outbreak because the states which have always wished to attack it may use anthrax as their weapon of mass destruction; the weapon is capable of causing mass casualties.

In my opinion I consider WMD as weapons that are able to kill large number of people and cause great destruction so they are just but nuclear weapons and do not qualify to be classified under CRBN group of weapons which include biological, chemical and nuclear weapons

In my opinion, terrorist groups target facilities that impact too many people so that they can be listened to and their grievances addressed. So the suspension bridge becomes a good target for the terror groups because by destroying the bridge will cause severe suffering to many people and they will have achieved their objective.

Following the September 11 attack on the WorldTradeCenter the American government introduced very security airport security measures which t me have been successful in combating any other planned attacks on American planes and other attacks on its soil.

The Ft.Hood shootings occurred at Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others. The attacks were carried out by an army psychiatrist. On investigation, it was discovered that the army officer had been deployed to Iraq and was pretty upset with the decision thus he resulted to such an act. Judging from the cause of the shooting the Ft.Hood shootings do not show any intend of a terrorist attack.

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