Jun 25, 2018 in Research

Organization and National Cultures in a Polish U.S. Joint Venture

  1. According to these groups of expectorates they have different views on life and work and according to research it’s noted that these experts have different views on life and work. As the American expatriates are always willing to talk as they see that speaking with a certain degree of openness is a strong virtue. While, the polish expatriates aren’t willing to state there problems ad they aren’t wiling to talk openly (Hofstede, 2001). At the same time the Americans believe in the highest educational level of an individual as the polish dwell on the future of there careers.
  2. According to Geert Hofstede cultural difference of the Americans workers have a high sense of individualism this is because most of them are loosely related to their relatives. The Americans males dominate the social and power structure thus making the males the leaders, while in Poland they practice the culture of communism as each individual is responsible to take care for the other (Hofstede, 2001).
  3. A research that has been conducted in the job market indicates that the polish nationals are very loyal to their employers, and are wiling to learn from there ways of life as they believe that the Americans are open in there ways of conducting business.
  4. The hardworking nature of the Polish expatriates can blend well with the good managerial skills of the Americans in providing a greater success for the multinational organization. Therefore, if these two factors are intertwined a splendid performance can be achieved as the hard working polish workers need to be rewarded by organization as the management team of this organization will offer its workers with room to expand and rise in ranks.

The United States managers should adopt a communism kind of leadership in there leadership style other than the individualism (Cullen & Parboteeah, 2007). This kind of leadership will result to the organization realizing an improved coalition as the workers will learn from the leaders and apply the same in there daily works. They should also adopt a leadership that is informal that will enable them to interact freely with there workers freely.

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