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Low Self Esteem and the Youth: Causes, Effects and Remedies


This is a research paper on the causes, effects and remedies of low self esteem among the youth. It is organized as follows


It states the research concern or problem generally and in a more specific way.

Literature Review

It gives the researched opinions of other scholars on the issue.

Theoretical/Scholarly research findings.

It is like a continuation of the literature review but it is more detailed.

Simple Research methodology

It explains the research carried out, the method used to gather information, research  questions asked and the description of the people approached.

Research Findings: This explains the results/findings of the research in light of the information obtained from other scholars.

Summary: Here, the researcher’s opinion is given. It is original and independent.

Conclusion and final view: Has the last word and the opinion I agree with mostly from among the scholars referenced.

Low Self Esteem and the Youth: Causes, Effects and Remedies

In this paper, I will be investigating self esteem in youth and how it affects the day to day lives of young people or you in society. The intention is to be able to understand the causes, effects and remedies of low self esteem among young people in our society. I will be using literature from the field of psychology as well as education that pay attention to self esteem and the effects its defects has on personality and behavior generally. Specifically, I would like to know how low self esteem comes about and whether it has any impact on the life of the youth person.Moreover.I am also interested in finding out whether there are possible remedies to the problem of low self esteem. For purposes of getting a more informed view of esteem. I will pay attention to young people who do not seem to be having esteem problems and those known to be having them so as to get a more informed view of how esteem issues shape the behavior of young people

A number of arguments and opinions have been put forward to show what esteem complications can do to young people of school going age. Most studies that have been carried out point to the fact that high self esteem has a positive impact on behavior. High self esteem is projected as the reason behind good performance in school, good health and behavior that is generally productive (Dalgas-Pelish,2006).On a similar note, the push against suicidal tendencies in young people has been associated with high self esteem (Amira, Elaine and Elaine,2009).Conversely, negative or bad behavior such as substance abuse, suicidal tendencies,smoking,depression and poor academic achievement are directly linked to low self esteem among the young people who exhibit these characteristics(Daane,2003).

DeHart et al., (2004) is authoritative in the assertion that young people with low self esteem fair badly in relationships displaying such irresponsible characteristics as running away during bad times so as to avoid the risk of rejection. They make poor choices and lack confidence in their social undertakings. In the process of trying to find the effect of obesity on self esteem, Wang et al., (2009) also discovered almost the same thing. The low self esteem in children and youth makes them experience problems such as poor academic performance, lack of confidence and socialization related problems. They showed a totally different set of characteristics compared to the normal colleagues who had normal self esteem and were able to interact well with friends, form stable relationships and recorded good performances in class. Self esteem has been defined as the believe in self worth by an individual. It is the self understanding that one has value or one means something. When talking about you in the discussion of self esteem, the implied age group is that of people who have not attained the age of adulthood. They are between eighteen and twenty seven years. But esteem problems affect young people who are below eighteen years as well. It goes down up to around ten years or sometimes even below.Amira; Elaine and Elaine (2009) confirm that indeed suicide thoughts are part of young people with low self esteem.

The factors they associate with the causes include obesity and problematic family backgrounds. Much of what young people are able to accomplish at their age is heavily affected by their self esteem. Guidance and support or lack of it from family and friends is a contributing factor to how children turn out (Sciangula& Morry, 2009).The relationship between youth and low self esteem comes in with development. At the period of youthfulness, the body undergoes numerous confusing changes, most of which these young people are not mentally prepared for. So they end up seeing in themselves what the adult world does not see. For example a young girl may worry that her math teacher will wonder what made her breasts come out at such an early age when the truth is that the teacher has not even noticed anything.

 In the interest of finding out the causes, effects and remedies of low self esteem, young people were examined in two categories. There were overweight ones, those with normal weight. They were asked questions such as the number of times their parents told them that they loved them or did something for them that they perceived as loving and the perceptions they had about their parents. They were also asked to state what they felt about themselves. There records in school were also examined. Careful survey into their character that involved social behavior, academic performance and self perception revealed that the overweight young people had poor result in school work. They had problems being on their own and felt much comfortable in the company of other people even if it meant not being recognized. They also easily engaged in negative activities such as fights, smoking and attempting to commit suicide.

On the other hand, the normal kids had a completely different record. Their school work was perfect and most of them were comfortable being on their own. They did not engage in fights and never engaged in smoking. Another interesting observation that emerged is the obese young people who were loved by their parents tended to fare better than their obese friends who were not shown love by their parents and the rest of society. In addition to these, the obese and poor performers felt useless in society and expressed interest in dying.

In summary, this simple research exercise reveals that improper childhood and poor self image for example being obese bring about low self esteem. Also lack of love and appreciation from the people around these young people makes them feel unimportant. This goes ahead to bring about lack of respect for oneself, feeling useless and dispensable, seeing negative things only and feeling that the world is not safe anymore. How do we remedy this problem? This same research has most of the answers to this question. The obese young people who were loved by their parents did well even in class compared to their obese colleagues. This means loving these young people with low self esteem cam make a big difference. It is good to make them feel appreciated and important in society. If they are made to feel secure and respected, they will learn to love and accept themselves and this will ultimately assist them grow normally.

From my research, I fully concur with the assertion that self esteem is a key factor in the development of young people (Greenberg, 1991). If for any reason a young person ends up having low self esteem, then that is a sign of danger and it is only better if something is done to change the situation. As Wang et al. (2009) says, obesity makes young people see themselves as less desirable and therefore valueless. Harsh and authoritarian parents can worsen the situation by making the young people fell even more worthless(Garcia &Garcia,2009).This leads to low self esteem on the part of this young people and it ends up making them perform dismally in school, engage in negative activities such as smoking and even have suicidal thoughts. I am of the strong opinion that low self esteem seems to be affecting young people at this age because of the development level they have reached at that particular time. A number of confusing changes are taking place in their bodies and they are not sure on how to relate with not only their colleagues but family members and the wider society.

It is safe to conclude that with knowledge on the causes, effects and remedies of low self esteem, it should be easy for both parents and teachers as well as other members of the society who deal with young people to try and assist them(Schiraldi,2007). This will assist them in becoming confident instead of degenerating into dangerous levels like suicide.

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