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How To Quit Smoking


This research paper shall outline the problem of how to quit smoking as it has been a habit that am contemplating to abandon. Smoking is usually defined by scholars as a practice which involves burning of tobacco and then the smoke is tasted or inhaled. This is usually viewed as a recreational activity which is assumed to relax the nerves and sometime just done for fun as exemplified by Eysenck (1995). I started at a tender age just smoking for fun and also just to feel all grown up. From this activity I have indulged into smoking using many smoking tools such as pipes, cigars, bongs and bidis. However, recently I started developing distaste for this habit. This is after learning that my distance relative recently passed away from lung cancer at a very tender age.

Information gathered to help quit smoking

The information which I gathered to assist me from quitting smoking after acknowledging the fatality caused by nicotine a substance found in the tobacco. Majority of the information which I intend to procure will be about the fatality and the illness which are concerned with smoking. This will also overlook the benefit of being able to live without smoking. This information would rage from how cigarette smoking harms my health. This will mostly emphasize on how the compound chemical found in cigarettes which are documented to be over 4000 and another 400 toxin substances which are produced when a cigarettes burn as it is being smoked as echoed by Doll and Bradford (1990). This process produces the most damaging substances which are the number one cause of lung cancer and other smoking affiliated diseases, this substances includes tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide and gas component which causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) (Iverson, 2001).

The information gathered would also highlight the influence which also causes damage of smoking. This shall mostly centralize on the number of cigarettes smoked per day. If the cigarette smoked had a filter or not and the formula which the tobacco was prepared. This will also highlight how smoking affects and reduces life expectancy. This from the information I gathered noted that smoking usually reduces life expectancy by seven to eight years. This also revealed that smoking claims about 1 million lives per year. According to Bradford (1984) the number one disease which claims more lives than road accidents, AIDS and drug addiction is smoking complication which results to cardiovascular diseases.          

Sources of the information

My research will allow for location of literature from variety of information sources. This will be drawn from books and internet articles written in various approaches and which site differing opinions in the hope that I can produce an unbiased view, whilst remaining true to my own beliefs. Although this is a new intervention am aware that it could be easy to veer away from the initial point of inquiry as the subject material is very broad, complex, and interesting. These will help to clarify, strengthen and accordingly direct each stage of quitting smoking from the formulation of gathered information to the dissemination and utilization of research finding.

How to implement this information into practice

The information that I intend to acquire are in the methods which I acquired from some drug rehabilitation centers which centralizes on helping people to fight their smoking addiction as noted by West and Shiffman (2007). The first would be Prescription smoking cessation aids; this are the most advocated prescribed smoking cessation aids which includes Nicotrol Inhaler, bupropion hydrochloride, varenicline (Chantix) and Nicotrol NS. These are the main drugs which are usually prescribed to assist the person to fight of tobacco addiction as exemplified by Eysenck (1995).

Another implementation which I intend to follow through to the later would be behavior adjustment and own monitoring to stop this addiction. This I have accessed that because of the nature of the addiction of nicotine there is dire need for change in behavior this usually is associated with natural cessation method which include counseling and educational programs. 

Another is Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) which usually outlays the substitution of nicotine with another source but discontinuing smoking (Bradford, 1984). The therapy further eliminates the carving of smoking through arrays of replacement therapy which attempt to dissolve withdrawal symptoms which if not monitored resolves to smoking again.     


Smoking is considered a number one killer in the world and has diverse complication which affects the well being of a well able human being reducing them to a near vegetable stage due to cardiovascular illness (Doll & Bradford, 1990). From these facts which I procured from the gathered information about negative consequences of smoking, in my quest of quitting smoking, I have now gathered courage to know that this vice is deadly as the literary material articulates that smoking reduces life expectancy and also claims more lives than any other epidemic documented by man. The literary material will help me to structure a proper plan which would ensure that I kick this habit which has blossomed into an addiction and has dire consequences. The methods and programs which I have devised would ensure that I undergo through this problem without having to relent or later subdue to this madness. From the information encompassed through this initiative then I has elucidated that this addiction is unhealthy and dangerous thus am empowered that I will fight of this addiction once and for all.

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