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Diversity Plan and Initiatives

Diversity has proved to be the crux of major implementation debates in many organizations. This concept usually is defined as the mutual acceptance and respect of employee regardless of their gender, race and ethnicity (Trevor, 1997). Usually the main concept under diversity plan is usually so that it may determine the uniqueness of each individual through recognition and appreciation of their diverse belief and ethnic background as well as their similarities. Usually this is based within the dimension of ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, political beliefs, age, religious beliefs and other ideologies. Diversity plan and initiatives attempts to exploit this diverse dimension of diversity and exploit them in a positive, nurturing and safe environment in an organization. Usually all the employees and stakeholders are supposed to participate n this initiative (Baeker, 2000; Hong & Page, 2004). This is because this plan involves understanding each other and gravitating forward with effortless tolerance and fostering and celebrating the blissful diversity encompassed within each unique individual in that organization as exemplified by Sowell (1990).

This paper is going to induce Mertextile Corporation Ltd as the fictitious organization that diversity plan is going to be injected. This occurs as more and more corporate organization are embracing diversity plan to enhance and implement changes in their policies and procedures. The importance of implementing these changes would be mostly to facilitate and gravitates the Mertextile Corporation Ltd to; promote diversity and equity awareness, to embrace organization commitment diversity structure, vision and strategy, the impact that the diversity plan has on the organization, to support Equity Continuum ideal workplace vision of the organization and elucidate diversity business case of the organization (Page, 2008).            

Policy and Training Components of Diversity Initiatives

Here al stake holders and employers of Mertextile Corporation Ltd will receive edification on how the diversity plan would be injected in the operation of the organization (Hong & Page, 2004). This would ensure that the application is embraced through collection of metrics which helps elucidate the importance and level of diversity to work teams, sensitizing mangers to enforce diversity responsibilities on the task force and validity verification of the diversity business case.

The strategic diversity plan to be implemented would be Equity Continuum model theory of Trevor Wilson’s. This plan is the best positive step which embarks on attaining improved communication and mutual acknowledge of the diverse nature of the employees. This plan enforces and empowers employees to maximum potential development, fashion and inclusive environment and project toward employer choice. Through these initiatives all the stakeholders would be trained on how to embark on how to implement these initiatives in their daily activities whether in the firm or at home (Blaustein, 2005).  


The diversity plan which would follow Trevor Wilson’s Equity Continuum model theory would assess diversity in Mertextile Corporation Ltd. This process would be made the core management system integral part. The survey should cover the satisfaction of the employees in the organization as noted by Trevor (1997). This will help the manager as the key brand champion of this initiative to effectively and efficiently determine the diversity obstacles and challenges available in Mertextile Corporation Ltd (Chen, 1999; Greenberg, 2002)). Reassessment of the evaluation and the analysis of the gathered information from the Equity Continuum model theory, would thus clarify that the information gathered is equitable and accurate. This will thus determine the success of the diversity plan implementation which has been fashion for this agenda. Further this would also help establish the best policies and regulation which would steer the whole idea to success. The diversity plan will be the diversity first step structure and must be measurable, comprehensive and attainable as echoed by Wasserstrom (1980).

All leaders and stakeholders should be committed to this plan and be subjects also to the diversity policies implemented. This should cover all aspects and angle of Mertextile Corporation Ltd purpose and function. This is because it has been exemplified that usually for diversity to be fully capacitated it has to be originate from the top and then be filtered downwards. Thus is recommended that managers cooperate and participate and mostly are the one whom are supposed to spear head this initiative to the task force (Sabbagh, 2007). This usually mushrooms to development of a successful conducive culture in the organization diversity plan. However it is noted that it is very essential to involve all the stakeholders but the best approach is through the executives and managers first and this usually proves contagious and spreads easily to the task force through appreciation of their beliefs and uniqueness from their executives (Dovidio & Gaertner, 1999).

This initiative should also allow room for freed of expression among the task force members. This attitude allows the taskforce to feel that they are appreciated through expression their opinion and contribution in major implementation being executed in the organization. Usually there are many expertise which are ignored because the organization usually rely on particular person for major implementation, however when diversity plan are fully operational then all participant are bale to have a say in the implementation and the projects are monitored well with diverse angle and improvement are hence documented as noted by Baeker (2000)..

According to McDonald (1998) usually after the diversity plan has been implemented and the appropriate model theory injected in the organization like in this case the Trevor Wilson’s Equity Continuum model theory then it is usually good to keep track record and survey of the proceedings. This survey would provide comprehensive reports which constitute customizable employee satisfaction (Trevor, 1997). 


Analyst have articulated that for a comprehensive change in the organization mostly when implementing diversity plan it is articulated that it has ton start with the executives (Haslanger, 1996). Thus for Mertextile Corporation Ltd to fully embark on a diversity plan which would work they have to first incorporate the executives and thus from here the task team would follow suit. This is because leaders can induce powerful vision and policies concerning diversity plan and initiatives. This has been concluded that the only lasting key to making effective and lasting changes is through diversity.

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