Jun 25, 2018 in Research

Effects of School Uniforms on School Violence

Do school uniforms lead to decreased violence and theft in schools?

Null hypothesis: School uniforms lead to decreased violence and theft in schools

Literature review

The schools uniforms are formal or informal dresses that are proposed and implemented by the school administration in order to give a source of identity to the school. The schools uniforms come in a wider variety and the school administration in conjunction with the stakeholders play significant roles in determining the school uniforms depending on the choice, taste, and preferences of the persons involved in decision-making. It is evident that the decisions of the school administration regarding the choice of the school uniforms may not augur well with the students and, may spark criticisms from the students, which may lead to ultimate violence amongst the students.  It is apparent that the school uniforms pose many benefits to the students and the entire school administration.  These benefits include the decreased violence and theft resulting from theft and shoe problems, adherence to stipulated dress codes, less distraction of the students, provision of a sense of identification, and the realization of a sense of community (Cornel, 2006).


In order to ascertain the truth of the above stated hypothesis, investigations are done with respect to the students’ perception of the school uniforms and the impact on the learning environment. In order to obtain the optimal results, which underscores and supports the above, carrying out of a survey in various schools is a prerogative. The information captured by the surveyors should entail the relationship between the school uniforms, the student satisfaction, and the frequency of the occurrence of strikes. This involves the use of questionnaires in collecting data from the students, teachers, and the school administrators. The taste of students with respect to the nature of the school uniforms warrants investigation. In order to ascertain the relationship between the theft cases and the uniform of the students, the cause of theft cases together with the victims is investigated by obtaining information from the disciplinary committee of the school. The investigation team should seek to determine if the non-student theft cases have been reported within the school fraternity.


The results obtained by carrying out the above investigation will be subjected to analysis in order to ascertain the truth of the stated null hypothesis. With respect to the results collected from various schools, tabulation of the results is done with regard to the frequency of the occurrence of strikes. In an event where the findings show that, schools whose students are unhappy with their uniforms and have expressed their dissatisfaction to the school administration, it shows that the above hypothesis holds.  In separate circumstances, the schools with the experience of the students’ violence citing uniform dissatisfaction prove the truth of the hypothesis stated above. In the occasion whereby the schools experience theft cases committed by the students alone, and a few identified cases committed by the outsiders, it shows that the uniforms assists in identifying the outsiders who may enter the school compound and defraud the students off their property (Randel, 2006). This will be a sufficient proof that, the hypothesis stated above holds. In this case, the uniforms assist the school security officers in identifying the intruders who make their entry into the school compound. It will also be realized that, the school uniforms play a significant role in instilling discipline amongst the students hence the increased concentration in their class work. It will also decrease violence, theft and life threatening caused by intruders.

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