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Ratifying Of a New Constitution

Political analysts defines a constitution as set laws that are written and are well defined by a group of people in order to facilitate the daily running of an organization or a government. In this case the agreement between these groups of people might be written or even unwritten, in that it ensures that these individuals reach a consensus on the way the organization or the government is run (McLaughlin, 2010).

The drafting of a constitution can be trailed from way back in history as most or even all the existing government systems were involved in this process of constitution writing and amending of the existing constitutions (Klos, 2004). America being one of these countries is not exempted as it as it has been involved in these acts of drafting and writing the constitution and there are various factors that resulted to this drafting and writing of the constitution, they include some of the following reasons that propelled to the drafting and writing of the new constitution.

There were some aspects that led to the writing drafting and ratification of the new constitution in America, and this was between the years 1776 to 178. This is where the people of the United States ratified the constitution and came up with a most suitable constitution that was able to help the government to run and function properly placing in consideration the interests of the diverse population in the country (Klos, 2004).

In general this constitution ratification process was referred to as the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. They contained major issues such as Government governance. Including how the government is governed as the process took the country years in achieving its expected constitution.

The first Constitution ratification began in the year 1754 this was when the future present of America Benjamin Franklin proposed the collaboration of the article sin odder to suit the Americans. A move that was pursued in the year 1775 where the second Continental Congress began the writing of the American constitution, as most of the American states leaders convened in drafting the constitution that will oversee the daily running of the country’s government (Klos, 2004).

In the ratification and writing of the founding fathers were debating about the functions of the Central government and the State governments. They also had a heated debate on the what kind of government to be adopted by the country as a section of the leaders were for the Powerful central National Government while the other section opted for the loosely- structured government, and with this heated debates they finally resorted to dividing the sovereignty to both the central and state governments.

The other causes of the heated debate that led to the writing the constitution included issues such as the Taxation and commerce. This is where the leaders argued on the ways in which this processes can be overseen, and as a result of these discussions they resorted to encourage inter-trade between the states and the states will also be in-charge of collection of tasks and therefore giving a fraction of the collected revenue to the central government to facilitate its daily functioning (Klos, 2004).

Another aspect that led to the ratification of the constitution was the establishment of the freedom of movement; this is where the citizens of the United States of America are given the freedom of movement. From one state to the other without restrictions, and those to be restricted from this movement will be Fugitives, vagabonds and other law offenders, and also the law offenders who brake the law in one state and resort to hide in other states will be extradited to the states they committed the crime and face judgment.

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