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Media Coverage of the Iraq War

Based on the article, the mass media covering the Iraq War has been one-sided hence has failed to give even-handed report of what is actually happening on the ground. US-based journalists are embedded with the US military units, a situation which has led one-sided picture of the war. Through the Iraq Vets: Coverage of Atrocities is Tool Little, Too Lat, Jamail reveals the inefficiencies of the media during the war. The video footage taken by an Apache helicopter in 2007 reveals a bad picture of what was actually happening during the war. In the pretext of following of the Rules of Engagement (ROE), the media does not reveal the repercussions of the military operations. Consequently, the Iraq veterans are not happy about how the innocent Iraqis have been sidelined by the media. The poor media coverage of the Iraq war is confirmed by Joish Steiber when he said, “Killing was following military protocol. It was going along with the rules as they are.”

Literature Review

Through the article, the author attempts to critically analyze the effects of the poor media coverage on the Iraq War (Gunter 2009, 43). From the video footage of July 2007, the author attracts the attention of the reader on how brutal killing has been undertaken without the knowledge of the innocent Iraqis. U.S. military units have been brutally killed young innocent children. Iraqis war veterans are unhappy about the conditions and have stood up to speak for the voiceless. By revealing the claims they make about the atrocities carried out by both the media and the U.S. military units, the author intents to inform the reader that there exist the bravery Iraq Veterans and that they can fight for the rights of their people (Lance, Regina, & Livingston, 2000, 47).  It is clear that the US army officials have ill motives about the people of Iraq.  Despite the fact that he was not with his unit when the brutal killing was undertaken by the US military, Steiber, former US army specialists, did not bother to know who committed such brutal killings. Instead, he comments that the killing is undertaken following military protocol. Furthermore, Steiber argued that the brutal killing by US soldiers is due to training of the larger system. Jamail conveys to the reader that the mass killing is something that was planned prior the war (Wayne, & Murray, 2009, 31)


Basing on the various criticisms of the media coverage during the Iraq war, it is clear that it was meant to aid the deeds of the Bush administration. Before the start of the war, critics aired wide-ranging debate according to their diverse perspectives. According to Guardino& Hayes (2008, 7), Bush administration denied the public the opportunity to air the debates. My research work is geared towards supporting the reports of the article. Basing on research, I agree that media coverage was ineffective and was tailored to meet the objectives of the Bush administration (Rostam, & Haverkamp 2009, 112). In order to come up with the best inferences about how media conducted its operations during Iraq war, there is need to conduct survey of households among the Iraq communities. The technique is to estimate total mortality by personal surveys of sample of Iraqis households. Before conducting the actual survey, there is need to divide the country into 20 regions. Approximately 30 households should be surveyed from each region. Each survey household is then interviewed about family composition, births and number of deaths since 2000. The report collected is then compared with what was reported by the media at that time (Robie 2010, 4)


Basing on personal understanding about how Bush administration handled the Iraq war, the article reflects what actually happened on the ground. Jamail must have done a thorough research before publishing the article. According to surveys conducted by Les et al (2004, 2), many innocent Iraq citizen died during the war, an important information which was not revealed by the media. Personally, I believe that racial discrimination played a major role during the Iraq war. The American based journalists were biased hence they delivered one-sided information about the events during the war. In reference to the past literature on the subject matter, I believe that there was conspiracy between the US government and the media.

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