Jun 25, 2018 in Political

The Electoral College

An electoral college is a group of electors who are chosen to elect a candidate in a particular office. This is mostly used in Nations with complex states. These represent different associations with each represented by a particular number of electors. In most cases, though the electors are simply important, people who have knowledge and ideas would provide a better choice. (Hewson, 2002).

The Electoral College should be abolished because; in today’s world, there is good transportation to all. Candidates can travel to any part of the country doing their campaigns, not like before when transport was limited. There is also good network for communication. There is the use of mobile phones, internet, radios T.Vs and others for people to communicate, see and hear what is going on in their country. Candidates can also do their campaigns through them. They will tell the citizens what they will do for them if they are elected and in so doing they will be securing their seats. The voters also have the right to vote to his preferred presidential candidate if he has a voter’s card. (Henry, 1996). This can be a better idea for one to cast his vote instead of having group of people representing only a single vote. It should be free and fair election because there is new technology for tarrying votes. Direct vote from voters for president will make sure that every vote will count the same. (Burgan, 2007)

The Electoral College favors the minority groups mostly in the rural states. It does not consider the ideas of many people who are the majority. However, each elector in low populated represent a smaller number of votes compared to higher populated states. These states, which are highly populated, represent more votes for the presidential candidates, than states with low population. In this matter, the candidate gets the majority of the popular vote and still loses the election. This system does not provide a free and fair election and it can be one of the reasons of abolishing it. The Electoral College prevents the formation of the third party, so that they can make it easy for them to declare the winner.

There should be the formation of another party so that there can be many candidates and citizens can choose the best candidate of their choice but not being represented by a set of electors. Voters say that, there is no point to vote for a candidate who is not competitive for the state electoral vote. Voters have fewer motives to turn out in a competitive state. They refuse to go and vote. The Electoral College in U.S favors the democratic candidate. This is because the states that are highly populated go for Democratic Party while the other party is neglected. (Bennett, 2006)

This system should be totally abolished, because no one has ever come up with clear recommendations or alternative ideas to make it work well. This system also ignores the wishes of a general citizen. In 2000 elections, in United States, the republican won the electoral votes while, on the other hand, they had lost the popular votes. This shows that none of the two presidential candidates obtained the necessary majority vote. The electors do not present their party candidate while voting. The system fails to reflect the will of the whole nation. It ignores the rural states because the number of electors in each state is determined by the number of members the state has in the house.  The direct votes for president could be the most preferred system to be used. (Edwards, 2005).

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