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President Bushs Arguments

Explain what the realist thinks about the way people and states are. Tell how the notion of Balance of Power develops out of it. Define Realism. Give one of Professor Makridis’ examples that challenge the theory.

The term realism is used to define the behavior and the ways an individual or a state relates with the other states people. Therefore the word Realism is a theory that is used to ensure that the relationship between the states and individuals is maintained in order to ensure that they relate properly and in an appropriate manner without interfering with each others way of interaction.

Realisms is a theory that is implemented in the practice of in international relations and politics, and it is a way of monitoring the ways in which an individual or states conducts its activities without showing its clear intentions and they disguises them as moral concerns.

The term realisms is defined as the actions or activities of an individual or a state that are inclined towards the truth of the statement that is being used by the state or individual. In this case Realists believes that an individual or the states have the real reason that they base there arguments when arguing out their reasons of causing of performing the given action. In other words the term realism is a way in which a state/ nation will be in a position of conducting a given activities without facing any consequences or bearing any responsibility of their actions. This is because the states just like human beings will desire to have excess powers and authority over the other and at this point the individual and states will be able to exploit the others and terrorize them before they rise to powers. This was a way in which the countries or individuals will be in a position of exploiting the other states or individuals in order to rise to power and at the same time instill fear on the other and also maintaining and increasing their powers. Thus making it or him more powerful than the others, and this is a way in which the states and individuals maintain there power.                         

In the second part of your paper, find two things that President Bush says in his actual speeches on Iraq which smack of Realism.

The war in Iraq is said to be one of the most intriguing wars that has been ever be seen in the world in the recent years, the war that was fought immediately after the Osama bin Laden lead forces attacked united states of America in September, 11th 2001. And America led an invasion in Afghanistan in order to ensure that the terrorism and tyranny cases in the world are completely squashed; to reduce and safeguard the world to being a safe place that will accommodate all the people in the world with no threat of being attacked. The main reason for attacking Afghanistan was to capture and arrest Osama Bin laden and at the end of the operation that was led by the Americans bore no fruits as Osama wasn’t captured. That is when Unites states of America invaded Iraq as they believed they were the accomplice of Osama and the state was responsible for providing Bin laden with refuge.

The then president of the United States of America was in a position of protecting the image of the country after the devastating blow it encountered in the hand of the terrorist led by the Al Qaeda attackers. In one of his speeches president bush was quoted saying that “I'm driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, 'George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan.' And I did, and then God would tell me, 'George go and end the tyranny in Iraq,' and I did” (Cornwell, 2005). This was a from of realism which was used by the United States president in order to justify his reasons for attacking Iraq and this is possibly true; this is because he was a Christian. the Christians always prays and are sent visions and dreams by God. This is a way in which God communicates with his servants and this claim was a way in which Bush was able to justify his reasons for attacking Iraq and the other people in the United Nations Security Council were not in a position of holding him accountable for attacking Iraq without making desired consultations from them as he is in a position of performing the directives of God (Cornwell, 2005).                                      

Bush is also quoted in one of his speeches when he claims that “Saddam Hussein is one   of the most dangerous man in the world, and he plans to take over the world this is by the use of nuclear weapons   he is secretly manufacturing in his country, in order to maintain the world’s peace he should be stopped from manufacturing these weapons” (White, 2001).These were some of the reasons Bush had as a result of the attack on Iraq. He emotionally challenged the Americans and the world; this is by telling them that Saddam is a very dangerous man and he has evil plans that are aimed at destroying the whole world including America. The fear that he instilled on the people made it easy for him to attack Iraq as the people won’t be in a position of questioning what evil thing Saddam has done; but the use of propaganda that states that Iraq is a manufacturer of nuclear weapons will making it easy for him to attack Iraq with no obstruction from the other nations (White, 2001).

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