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Legacies of Colonialism

Legacies of Colonialism

Colonialism is defined as the act whereby a nation being occupied and controlled by another. 

Benefits experienced during colonialism

The benefits experienced during colonialism were development from the colonial powers. New technologies were major such as telegraphs, steamships, which made it easier for the colonial power to colonize deep into Africa for the first time.  Moreover, there was rebirth in imperialism that motivated economic motives. In sixteenth century, profound effects were experienced in western part of Africa whereby new trade routes were established. In earlier stages, the routes had spread northwards crossing the Sahara mainly to Muslim world, unlike today whereby the routes can lead to the coast.

Roskin added that, imperialism also saved Africa in many ways. Some of the benefits were improvement of sanitation, infrastructure was developed i.e. they build railways, roads and airports. New schools were built to offer skills through education and hospitals build for medication asserts Berry. Production of food and farm equipments was high for there was introduction of new technologies in agricultural sector thus reduction of manpower through new techniques used in farming and large amount of food produced thus reduction of hunger and food insecurity.

Examine and explain what you consider to be the most serious harm done by colonialism

When paying attention to existing boundaries which are formed in by tribes is the harms caused by colonialism. After Europeans claiming African soil ownership, it resulted in cultural, ethnic and tribal boundaries that caused ongoing clashes against one another. The domination by Europeans also led to the erosion of African traditional values and it also destroyed many relationships. The native people were also forced to be working for long hours with hard labor for them to have subsistence pay. Racism was also a major problem that came up. The Europeans became racists and separated themselves from associating or even involving themselves with Africans. Sometimes, the Africa community was subjected to anguish by the Europeans through hard labor.

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