Jun 25, 2018 in Political

Hugo Chavez and the United States

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is the 56th president of Venezuela and has been holding the presidential position from 1999 until now. Lately Chavez was found to be suffering from necrophilia and psychosis. Current findings of Hugo Chavez necrophilia may appear too strange to accept but it may be underestimation not to believe. Alternatively psychosis may be defined as a condition whereby thinking and awareness are severely damaged.

People with a psychotic condition may hallucinate or hold false beliefs which often lead to lack of insight, therefore a psychotic condition makes someone unable to comprehend and hold to the truth. Venezuela resembles Mecca for anti-United States opposition and a doorway for anti-American radicalism to the Americas. Venezuela through the leadership of Chavez is progressing in campaigning against U.S welfare around the globe. Chavez has continually opposed the United States’ overseas plan, which he considers to be imperialistic. He has continually attacked the United States to please his followers and to maintain his reputation in Venezuela. He has also been stressing of his roots from poor backgrounds to ensure he acquires support from majority of the citizen to maintain his current position. There is continual loss of checks and balances, loss of transparency, poor democratic governance and unbalanced power application in the hands of Hugo Chavez.   More to that he has attached himself to Rafael Correa of Ecuador, Fidel Castro of Cuba and Evo Morales in Bolivia; he also played a major role in forming Pan-regional Union of South American Nations.

In the year 2009 the United States named four countries that sponsor terrorism which included Sudan, Cuba, Iran and Syria. Venezuela adds to the list making them five, as a result of continued funding and outright support of terrorist groups. Moreover Venezuela has been supporting the terrorism done by Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia [FARC] who want to overthrow Colombian government. A Venezuelan plane was captured by Colombian Air Force full of ammunition which was a fund to the FARC terrorist. However Venezuela has been a close ally to the rest of the countries that support terrorism. In February 2001, the Interpol captured a leader of ELN [Colombian social–revolutionary terrorist organization] Jose Maria Ballestas, who was accused of airline hijacking in 1999, but the Chavez government ordered his immediate release.

The Venezuelan government denied the claims of his arrest which resulted to a huge diplomatic problem with Colombian government. However the Colombian government produced a video which was proving of his arrest. Moreover Major Juan Diaz Catillo, formerly Chavez’s pilot indicated that Chavez gave the Taliban $1 million through Walte Marquez, in new Delhi, $900000 was allocated to Al Qaeda whereas the remaining $100,000 to the former Afghan government  for food and clothing.   However Chavez decided to mend his relations with Colombia, he therefore gave a state visit to Colombia but shamelessly had a FARC guerilla commander, Diego Serna as his chief body guard.

In the midst of the main sponsors of terrorism, Iran is positioned at the top state due to its participation in backing and standing-in as a master planner of major terrorism attacks. Its constant involvement has been unfavorably affecting the international economic steadiness, which has continued to hinder the development of democracy and in return undermining efforts aimed at promoting peace. Conversely, similar to the likes of Iran and North Korea, Venezuela under the rule of Chavez has made a progress to begin nuclear plan.  The program, which is in collaboration with Russia, is transforming Venezuela as well as the Chavez regime as a major terrorism support hub. Chavez’s nuclear relations with Iran create the same security threat posed by Iran or North Korea onto the United States.

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