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What's my understanding about the American Identity

Being proud of who one is starts the important step to trying to find an identity. The world today has recently described identities that have been envied by many people and some have gone to great lengths to achieve certain identities. This identity has been based on beauty and looks which include; brown skin and a sexy figure and people have bought the idea. The media can be highly blamed for fronting this idea of beauty since most aired programs normally focus on such ideas (Kareem, 2010).

In the United States the big revolution that fought against racism can be credited for their success since many believed that those with black skin was of a lower caste and born to be slaves (Hall, 2008). The intense racism is now less but the minds of the current generation still needs revolution to understand and accept them for who they are.

In the video “the family of skin bleachers” many people continue to bleach themselves so as to look like the white man. This white skin to them is a sign of beauty and they spend much money on purchasing the creams that make them change the complexion of their skin. Women have mostly been affected by this notion but the men and children are also not off the hook; as the video indicate many victims that use these creams are women (Bromley-McGhie, 2008). Not withstanding the medical effects of the skin bleachers such as cancerous effects they are determined to look beautiful in the prescribed notion of beauty.

Many who breach belong to the African and Asian American descent and they do so for different reasons but the common one is beauty. People do it because of pressure this is because they don’t want to be the odd ones out. This can occur when friends of a person are light skinned and the individual is darker thus they feel left out which is a feeling of guilt this makes them rush to the option of bleaching (Bromley-McGhie, 2008). The appearance also makes people breach a person may just be jealous of others or feel uncomfortable with their skin. Racism also makes people breach since they feel rejected, unhappy, and sad about their looks in regard to society.

The skin lightening creams are illegal in many areas but still they have found their way to customers who have no understanding of their identity. They are mostly for sale in the low class areas where people are not educated about the products or people are ignorant of the effects they cause. Kareem, (2010) calls it internalized racism, and is due to political prejudice that is mainly significant in politics, institutions, communities, and culture. This makes people adopt the white supremacy attitude that causes self hatred and hating their racial affiliation. With such ideas in mind then the white culture becomes an idol and a perfect example of beauty in society. The people ape their skin color, body shapes, hair texture, eye shapes so that they can be affiliated with other customs.

When an identity of the person is lost then it means he has no understanding of him/herself and without an identity then one is lost. Whatever name you give to them e.g. skin lighteners, skin toning creams, skin whiteners, skin fading creams, skin evening creams among others such as cosmetic surgery their effects are disastrous not only medically but even socially (Hall, 2008).

Those who apply such creams lack self esteem and confidence and believe that others are better; this erodes the concept of ones identity. My understanding about the American Identity would be where the people are not affected by internalized racism but they live in harmony in accepting and being proud of their identity.

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