Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

Me and My Intentions

We are in the era of globalization where the existing of diversified things is quite common. Currently, every person in this entire world has some kind of intentions, prospective and inclinations in his mind. The main theme of this paper is not to pen down the intentions of something, but we are here to answer some interesting questions, which totally related to myself.

In the first question, it has been asked to describe an activity which is so special in front of me and why. Well, I don’t know but why I have the propensity to congregate foreign currency. Currently, I have a number of country’s currencies saved in my bag. Whenever I got paid or received pocket money, I instantly bought foreign currency from that money at a low level and then sell those on a high rate. My father told me that you will become a forex exchange trader or dealer in the future just because of your strong intentions towards the fluctuating prices of the currencies.

I know that I am good in mathematics and statistics and my interest also mandates me to join Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in the future, but first I have to endow myself to become eligible for the CFA paper, so I have decided to do Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Banking and Finance from the University of Southern California (USC). The reason behind joining the USC is that, it is the largest research university located in the Los Angeles. The university has a great track record as far as the education is concerned and albeit, I’ll get my optimum destination if all these things and provisions would have been implemented perfectly.

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