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Vision Statement

For the growth of any individual in all aspects of life, it is critical to have a vision. A vision will always help one to identify what they want to do and where they would want to be in the future. Many scholars have advised on the importance of having a vision and thus developing a vision statement. However, the advice received is plainly a guideline as to the importance and the manner of developing a vision statement. The reality of a vision statement completely lies on the hands of the individual (Clarke, 2010).

According to scholars such as Dr. Linda Phillip Jones, the development of a vision statement is an expression of what an individual would want to be, what they would want to achieve and generally the personal satisfaction that an individual would want to achieve in the future. Therefore the fact is that a vision statement is critical in the determination of the goals one would want to achieve and helps in the development of a plan of how to achieve this goals or objectives. The use of a vision statement is essential in measuring the progress of one’s achievements and help in the determination of how well an individual is, in pursuing the desired future outcome (The Mentoring Group, retrieved 2011).

This paper thus is an essential part of my life as I put to writing what I endeavour to achieve in the future in form of a vision statement. This vision statement will act as a guideline in meeting my objectives and will also help in crating a plan of action in achieving my vision. To begin with, I am a student who aspires to be a health professional after the completion of my studies. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Health Care Administration and aspire to complete a Masters in Organizational Management within the next two and half years.

I have been enlightened to what my career upholds and would want to use my acquired knowledge to better establish this field and even make some more advancement. I have a passion for what I do and this acts as my greatest strength as it gives me the drive required in the ultimate achievement of my career goals. I have a caring heart especially to the disabled and to young children especially those orphaned and I would love to be in the front line of promoting child health care and specialized treatment and health care to the disabled in the society.

My emotions are my greatest weakness which I hope that with time will fade and leave with the strength to pursue the ultimate goal. The emotional weakness is greatly portrayed by the agitation and remorse I feel when I see young motherless children cry with no food and with acute sicknesses that receive very minimal care. I have however learnt that I need the strength to overcome this weakness as my vision is to be the ambassador of improved child health care world wide with a major focus on Africa in the next five years.

An external opportunity that I should grab after the completion of my Masters is the involvement in the health care forums that are held in various parts of the world annually. This I plan to achieve by placing myself in the limelight through writing articles in the media to condemn the malpractices in the Health Care departments and to associate with a leading organization that will give me the platform to exercise my career objectives.

The greatest threat however is the politics involved in the development of polices around the globe (Catholic Education Office, 1991). This will surely be a big hindrance to me in achieving my ultimate goal but with the necessary determination and assistance form various professional bodies then this dream could be as well achieved regardless of the threat.

To conclude, my life is also based on achieving great spiritual fulfilment and having a social life that is both mentoring and warm. I endeavour in incorporating all this in the final achievement of my vision. In the next fie years there should be a great change in the way I handle people and my work to solely achieve this dream of being a propagator of change in the field of Health Care.

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