Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

The Person Who Changed My Life

I really acknowledge the sacrifices of my favorite teacher in high school. Her efforts contributed towards ensuring that I am a productive man in the society. Madam Ruth Ndung’u was in charge of careers guidance and counseling.

At a young age, I was quite ambitious to be an environmentalist. An occupation that I knew will land me into a lucrative job. I was a bright student  in class and loved nature studies. However, choosing the right career was quite challenging because of many obstacles.

During my second year in high school, we had the responsibility of choosing the right subjects that would suit what we wanted to pursue in future. There were many challenges in choosing the right subjects. However, my worries were later solved when I met Madam Ndung’u, who guided and gave me counseling. Madam Ndung’u is my mentor; I love her so much because she made me to make a right choice in life. She made me develop the spirit of courage and determination, important elements to achieve success.

Madam Ndung’u is an approachable woman, caring and loving. She is quite innovative and likes doing things in an organized manner. She encouraged us to be hardworking and emphasized to us that we are the future leaders. In addition, Madam Ndung’u is an unpretentious woman, she likes to listen to every problem a student has and will eventually provide a solution.

In conclusion, having met Madam Ndung’u made a turning point in my life; I choose her as my role model because she inspired me and made me a different person. Her character influenced my life so much. She made me achieve my long-term career goals. Currently, I am an environmental journalist because I considered the advice given to me by my role model.

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