Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

Returning to School

Returning to school is one of the toughest decisions I ever made.  After having dropped out of college when I was 21 years, returning to school for further studies when I am fast approaching thirty years of age is a decision that one can only make after intense soul-searching and a heart-felt appreciation for education and its benefits. I have previously made this decision a countless number of times only to change my mind later. However, I have already registered for a course in Hotel and Hospitality Management at the University of Liverpool. I have gone a step further in that I have already acquired the relevant reading material for my first year. The excitement I am feeling right now will surely be sufficient to override all difficulties and drawbacks that I may face in my first semester.

I finished high school way back in 1999. Having been bright and in the top quota of our class, I enrolled for a degree in Bachelor of Commerce at Harvard Business School. I successfully completed my first and second year. However, in my third year, I got pregnant with our first born, Ryan. After discussing the issue to a great length with my husband and my parents, I decided to defer my studies for a year or two till our son, Ryan, was old enough not to require too much attention. I had always desired to bring up my children rather than higher a house help. My husband, an architect, was already employed and money was not a very pressing issue.

However, barely one and a half years down the line, my husband and I separated. I decided to take up a job as a chef in a local restaurant so as to pay our bills. I enjoyed immense success in my new found career. I am a very talented cook. In addition, I had already attended some short courses on how to be a great chef. I became so engrossed in my new found career to an extent that I did not note the years slip by. I directed all my energy to my position as a chef where I was greatly appreciated. This kept me going as I dealt with the emotional pain I was going through after separation.

Nonetheless, I have made this very important decision since I want to contribute more to the hotel and hospitality industry not only as a chef but also as an entrepreneur. I feel that if I combine the knowledge that I have already acquired from my work experience and everything that I learnt in the Commerce classes to what I will learn now, I will be very successful in not only running my own enterprise but also in creating job opportunities for others.  

I expect to encounter various obstacles as I pursue my dream. First, my current career shall have to be put on hold as I plan to attend full-time classes so that I can graduate in the shortest time possible. This has been met by stiff opposition from my parents and employer who feel that I should take part-time classes. However, I need to take a break from work and reflect on my future. I want to concentrate fully on my educations as I lay my plans which I will soon have to carry out in the next three years. Secondly, my finances may run out.  Although I have enough savings in my account, I need to stick to this and not overspend since I need the remaining funds as capital for my business. My son is already in school and I have to provide for him. However, the passion and the personal satisfaction I am deriving from having taken this crucial decision will be more than sufficient in helping me attain my dreams.

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