Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

Personal Reflection

This course in criminal justice has really fascinated me. It has provided with insight into what happens in the criminal world and laws that protect the citizens from criminals. The course has also been an eye opener as to the level of crime in the United States, the groups that are very vulnerable to commit crime and ways in which the security agencies control crime. Of particular importance to me in this course was the question of privacy versus liberty and the factors that make one race susceptible to crime more than others.

The question of privacy versus security really fascinated me. The debate about the same with fellow classmates was very captivating. There are those who were of the opinion that they would be ready to lose as much privacy as is practically possible for the sake of their security while there others like me who felt that they can have both; their privacy as well as security.

I was of the opinion that loosing privacy for the sake of security is counterproductive. Instead of security, one ends up losing his freedom by allowing the government agencies to control his live. Loss of privacy should therefore be seen as denial of liberty and governmental control which goes against the culture of the United States and the U.S states Constitution. The authorities should respect the rights bestowed on the citizens by the Fourth Amendment while at the same time it should use its resources to ensure the citizens are secure at all times.

The next important topic that caught my attention is the issue of race and crime. The blacks are over represented when it comes to crime. May be more research is needed that has already been done as to why this has remained so for a long time. It should be everyone concern because it affects us all. It is in my opinion that the money we spend in preventing the black criminals could be put into better use by targeting the root causes of this behaviour.

These are important lessons for me that I will carry not only to my next classes but to the real life out there. I am glad that I had the opportunity to sit in this class under the guidance of our very able and resourceful lecturer and with very lively colleagues.

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