Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

My Generation

I hope everyone will agree with me that there is always a change between each generation. The generation we are living do not have the same lifestyles as that of our fathers and neither is theirs same as that of their parents and others before them.  However, my generation seems to have had the greatest change so far and this change is what is inspiring further generational change in our little brothers and sisters. If what we have in my generation is terrific, I do not have a name for what will come in the next generation. The change in my generation is exhibited in all round activities of our daily routine ranging from mannerism and virtues to simple things like the way we talk.

The tastes and preferences in my generation change real fast that past generations and the world cannot catch up with us. What was important to us yesterday is no longer important again or even better, we do not consider it stylish or fashionable anymore.  This can be seen much clearly in the way we dress, today converse is the label for footwear but tomorrow I cannot go out with my converse because we are not fashionable anymore. We do not value Levis as the best jeans manufacturer, Tommy Hilfiger is our choice. The most interesting thing is that this change comes so fast that we also feel that life is moving very fast. We are a generation that is governed by speed and the world only revolves around us. It is no longer us but me.

Technology is perhaps what has brought the greatest changes in my generation. While our parents are still learning how to use Microsoft windows 98, nobody in my generation cannot access anything we wish from the internet, to us, information is just a click away. Some of us do not think we can do without our cell phones or our computers as we are constantly texting messages on our cell phones, instant messaging and chatting away over the internet while playing computer games. Technology has thus become our world, and with it our morals have deserted us. You see, all this things we do while in school which means that even simple school decisions we cannot make without consulting somebody.

In most aspects, my generation is a confused generation. Our parents like calling it a lost generation since we do not seem to understand what we need in life. We are independent in some ways and yet dependent in others. We want our parents to give us space and freedom so that we can choose what we want in life but we cannot manage ourselves. My generation has developed its own culture and lifestyle which places us miles apart from generations before us. I should point out that we are a connected generation with a fetish for real things, ambitions and mighty projects and that is about why we spend so much time on the internet getting connected and learning.

Only problem is that we do not like learning the traditional way and thus we will be more into having fun which should not be misconstrued to mean we are not serious about. I would say that my generation has more focus than past generations. The most important thing is that we know what we want even if the past generations do not think so; we want things to happen fast so that we can know the results and we demand that things should be made realistic. I mean authenticity is one important thing. We only do things differently from how they have always been done.

I would be harsh to my generation if I called it a failed or a cursed generation but surely I would be fair if I said that my generation needs redemption. The simple things that our parents taught us such as saying thank you we now think should be reciprocated to us that instead of us saying thank you, people should say it to us. The reason for being so much into “me” has been taught to us by the society. We have the internet and televisions showing all kinds of cultural exposure, drugs and violence, our parents are either single or divorced not to mention that our grandparents, some of them still working or earning their pensions are in the same kind relationship turbulence. All this teach us that it is only “me” who matter.

It is however important to mention that the “me generation” is not a disaster in all aspects of life. It has produced some of the most important business personalities and entrepreneurs. There are very shrewd corporate members in America who are barely in their teens and giving so much for the economic development in the United States including very young musicians and movie stars. The generation me has brought dynamism in the workplaces and are still going strong which makes the workplaces flexible and more productive. Above all, generation me is an ambitious generation and with all capabilities of utilizing our talents.

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