Jun 25, 2018 in Personal

Letter to Kaitie

When I write, I feel that I do exemplary well in the introduction part; this is because I strongly feel that introduction is very important as it gives the scope of the whole essay and thus the importance I attach to it. Now when I write, I employ some very good vocabulary and am usually very clear.  

However, I experience some difficulties in writing and this includes the fact that I have ideas to write about but I lack ways of how to mix them together and make a sensible sentence and the flow of the ideas I have in mind.

My own process in writing includes putting some ideas in my mind and I have realized that waking up as earlier as 5 in the morning works best for me. When I begin writing I usually focus on the introduction as it always works for me.

When I begin writing as I had indicated earlier, I do not like preparing myself much as I get confused and mix up my ideas. I put ideas in my mind and face my work and start from there.

Over time, I have greatly improved and I hope to continue improving. Now am able to write different types of essays and be exact and thus am able to pass a message across. Also, my organization in writing is getting better per day.

In class, several things have really worked well for me and this includes when I participated in class and things worked really well for me. I am now a good speaker than before and am more confident right now than I used to be.

In conclusion, I want to sincerely thank you for showing me my mistakes, correcting them and showing me the way forward. This will really be helpful for me in the future and I owe you my gratitude.

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