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How Math Will Help in Network Security

As a network security officer, the chief work is to identify any loopholes in a network and try to solve them. It can be to a society, company or even an individual. The great mastery of mathematics is highly vital. Mathematics usage can be in the form of applied algebra, statistics, or even quadric equations applied in day-to-day life experience. The calculus, geometry, mathematical logics theory, probability and system analysis are also branches of mathematics. Mathematics is a way of explaining the relationship between members and other considerable quantities. It can express basic calculation as well as communication among the least particles and the utmost thing in the recognized creation. Send automatic memo and non package on other computers.

A network has two types of association, physical connections that let computers immediately transfer and obtain indication and judgment association that allow computer functions such as electronic mail package and the browser used to travel the World Wide Web, to trade data. Physical associations are defined by the medium used to transmit the indication, the geometric arrangement of the computer and the method used to share the information. The math will help me to encounter all these connections. I will be able to calculate and draw how these connections will be connected in order to avoid having problems. It is only the pure math’s that will help think in a simpler way to work and solve various problems in the field of network security.

However, with mathematics, I will be able to handle all network hardware and software. Math will help me in connecting people’s network using materials such as hubs and routers. These will help me draw a proper diagram that shows how the network will flow from one department to the other. Calculations are not also left a side. The more problems I can solve, and how well I can explain them, the more my efficiency becomes accurate. Maths helps me to detect a problem real fast and deal with it immediately so as to ensure continues flow of network. The maths will help me to prove to customers who have a fear of purchasing goods online. I will develop a strategy that shows that the company is in a position to protect their goods from the hijackers. I will also prove to them that we are in a position to detect any problem and solve it immediately. The maths will help me detect any hitch that may exist when the money is being transferred electronically. I will come up with a new strategy that will be monitoring all the process of the transactions. This will ensure that no person will be able to hijack the money online. It is only the mathematics that will help a person to solve something better.

Mathematics will proof its method by explaining the way of doing things by executing them in the networking world. The issue of people complaining about their emails addresses will enable me deal with the ambiguity as soon as possible. Maths will help me come up with strong passwords and email address so that no one can read message of another person. It is possible with maths to sit down with my colleagues, to analyze the problem and come up with an idea of how to solve it. The process may be easy to explain to users. This will create confidence between users and the company. This will guarantee that everything in the network will work smoothly as planned. Just as many people complain of issue pertaining purchasing the goods online, there is a problem of traffic in the network that causes a delay since packets travel in bits across one network to another.

The packets undergo segmentation and multiplexing, which entails the usage of mathematics. This issue has been complained by many people. As a professional mathematician, I will be always faster to detect the problem and ascertain where on the transmission protocol the problem is and be able to troubleshoot for any problems. This will make me encounter the cause of the data overflow and the solution to deal with it. Through statistics, I will be able to detect a scenario when there is no network coverage or when the network is down by the use of network monitoring tools such as wireshark which entails mathematics. Maths will help me explain the problem and, I will come up with new ideas to approach it. Maths is the base for solving most of the problems. How perfect I can be in my job and my creativity will make me dwell in this career.

My creativity will help me invent methods of approaching the problems in the field of network security.  Maths will help me serve my customers better. Mathematics will make me be seen as counter-impossible in my networking career. I will handle everything at anytime and as soon as possible. The knowledge I have, I will share it with my fellow employees in order to enhance our work. I will enhance the technology and make sure that people receive better services. The maths will enable me enhance the speed of the network so that people can work on it very first without any delay. The cost related to the network will be charged in terms of minutes and the rate that is set.

The facilities that are available to my career will enable my service be executed on time. Maths will help me secure my job in the field of network security in any company. I will prove to myself and to the company that there is nothing hard that cannot be solved by use mathematics. I will never encourage any source of frustration or laziness in my field. Maths will enable me work on my best and serve customers better. Maths will help me solve complex and simpler problems. It will also give me more ideas and ways to explain to my customers how to handle simpler problems of networks in their computers at home.

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