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Toga Toys Public Limited Company


After the introduction, this paper has three parts. It is generally organized as follows:


This introduces Toga Toys Company and makes it clear that the company has been in existence for some time. It also states the information that follows.

Marketing Information for Decision Making for Mike Mitchell, owner of Toga Toys Company

This is the information that is meant for the owner of the company. He is supposed to use it to make decisions in the business.

Understanding Customer Behavior for Sales Improvement.

Here, the information that is meant for the marketing managers in the field of understanding customer behavior is discussed. It is what is supposed to be given to this audience in a seminar.

Measures for Sales Promotion: A Report on Promotional Objectives of the Company

This part has information on what can be done to improve sales. Also discussed under the appropriate headings are the specific sales promotion objectives.

Toga Toys Public Limited Company

Marketing Information for Decision-making, Understanding Customer Behavior for    Increased Sales and Strategies for Sales Promotion.

Toga Toys Public Limited is at a point of advantage given that it has been in the business of toy production for a long time and it has established its own market base. It has also been able to show industry leadership by launching a new product into the market, a toy that helps children to learn how to spell.SpellWhiz, a toy that Toga Toys produced in 1990 was first came out of the Toga establishment, meaning that there is inherent ability in the company. But in the face of stiff competition and a dynamic business environment, creativity and the adoption of relevant measures in business are necessary if the company is to survive and even do better.

Marketing Information for Decision Making for Mike Mitchell, owner of Toga Toys Company

A company that produces goods that eventually ends up in the hands of customers or consumers cannot survive without organized and effective marketing. For purposes of streamlining the operations of the company for more profitability and assured survival, the following marketing advice is necessary

First, it is necessary for the company management to take stock of the current state of the marketing department of the company. You cannot move forward from a point you do not know. And it is with the marketing department of Toga Toys Company. A proper assessment of the marketing department will assist the management in knowing what is available and what is missing, what is available but in bad shape and needs to be improved and what is available and needs to be discarded because it is not necessary. These can be in from of personnel or other elements of the marketing department. An illustration for this is that the top management may have hired a marketing manager who has no knowledge of how the marketing department needs to be run and the sales have remained the same or even reduced since he was hired. The best thing to do is to assess and know that such a person exists in the department and needs to be replaced. Also, the market capitalization of the company has to be known so as to be able to make informed decisions when thinking of exploring new areas of investment.

Secondly, it is important to explore market expansion possibilities. Every company wants to get as many clients as possible and for Toga; the story has to be the same. If the market has always been in the Southern part of the country, who said the Northern part of the country does not need Toga products? The children of the North need toys too and it is better for the management to think of the possibility of getting to new markets. This means the strategy for market has to be crafted to fit the new area.

Thirdly, the concentration of the marketing outlet in one way is not a good idea. With only television advertisements, there is a huge part of the market that is being left out. It is therefore a good idea to get to the other ways of marketing both the company and its products. Possible strategies for Toga include paying for the construction of a Fun Park for kids in the community health center, sponsoring a number of competitive activities for children and rewarding them with toys and donating some the SpellWhiz toys to one or two local schools by encouraging the schools to participate in simple contests. By these means, the company will be more visible to the public and by taking part in charitable events; the public will have more admiration for it and its products as well. It is likely that such moves will create loyal customers for the company.

The fourth area that I will advise the top management to look at in terms of marketing is the field of technology. The world is moving forward at a supersonic speed and it is possible to sleep and wake up the following day only to find yourself hundreds of miles behind. The company can explore more avenues of marketing through the incorporation of technology. Running a website for the company is one way but advertising online in other sites is another one too. At a small fee, adverts of Toga Toys can be placed on the websites of other companies too. This and other means of advertising can be employed as a way of marketing both the company and the products.

Leaving the above aside, I believe the concept of partnerships is very crucial in marketing. It is in the interest of Toga Toys to go to the market and look at a company that manufactures a hot product that is closely connected to what they are producing and decide to partner with. This can be done in such a way that when something of the company is sold, a Toga Toy is either given free to the buyer of that product, or it is sold at a subsidized price or the product of the other company is given free to the buyer of a Toga toy. The product of the other company can also be sold to the buyer of a Toga Toy at a subsidized price. An example of this is Toga Toys partnering with Abell Cookie Company is such a way that every time a mother purchases a Toga toy for her child, she is given a pack of Abell Cookies. This particular type of marketing strategy works well when the partnership is done with a more popular or widely known and respected company. Partnering with a less known company will ultimately benefit the little known company at the expense of Toga.

The other concept of marketing that the top management of Toga must pay attention to in the process of decision making is competition. The other companies out there that are producing toys must be watched closely so as to see how they are affecting your market base. From this knowledge, the appropriate business decisions as far as marketing is concerned can then be made. For example upon the realization that a certain company is presenting Toga with stiff competition because of the quality of their toys, then Toga will be able to improve their quality as well so as to keep their old customers and get new ones. It is especially important not to lose old customers (Aguayo 9).

Lastly, it will be very necessary for Toga to look at all the parameters and then try to predict the nature of the future they are looking at. With all the above done, it is good to make a prediction on how the company’s marketing will have changed one year to five years, depending on the mechanisms in place to impact marketing of the company in the way that the management wants. Prediction of the future company position can assist in being prepared for either good or bad times.

Understanding Customer Behavior for Sales Improvement.

The marketing department of Toga can and should internalize the fact that the company is there because the customer is there (Chafkin 2008). It is because of the customer that all the employees are on their jobs and on a similar note; it is because of the customer that the toys are being produced. With this simple business knowledge at the back of the minds of the men and women of the marketing department, it is necessary to have some basic ideas on how to deal with this particular part of business that is so important such that without it there is no Toga Toys Public Limited Company. The ideas that the marketing management of the company need to have is what will enable them deal with customers in the right way so as to ensure that they continues making use of the company’s products and that the company is able to access new customers. This information on dealing with customers can be presented under the heading of understanding customer behavior and how this can increase sales for the company. Ideas for consideration by the management are as follows:

To start with, it will be very necessary to avoid poor communication (Wing 14). The first line of communication is between the customers and the salespeople. The salespeople must be given specific instructions that they are under obligation to keenly listen to the customer and bring the reaction back to the top marketing officials. Through this channel, the concerns of the customer get to reach the marketing management. The marketing management can then take the information to the top management and then if it is about altering the aspects of the products, the people who are responsible for product design can be given instructions on what to do next. The various concerns of the customers cannot be known without clear communication and it is the responsibility of the marketing management to look for ways and means of accessing information on what the customer thinks about not only the comply but also, and more importantly so, the products. To illustrate how much poor communication can cost the company; take the example of Toga Toys producing a new product. This product, a new type of toy that makes noise and overshadows the cries of children thus making them keep quiet and listen to the toy is produced in small experimental numbers as a way of measuring the response or reaction of consumers to this new product. The experimental or trial toys are given to the salespeople who go to the field and distribute them to mothers and children. The mothers do not like the toys and the children throw them after hearing the noise they produce. But the salespeople have no time to see or hear the reaction f the mothers and their children. They distribute the free products and dash back to the office and the marketing personnel write a clean report that the free samples are out and the company can produce the new toys. The shock of the century comes when half a billion dollars have been invested in the new product that ends up catching dust in stores. No child wants the new toy whatsoever.

What does the customer expect? This is a question that the marketing management must be very aware of. Most companies that have been able to do very well have managed to do that by simply understanding the expectations that their customers have. Customer expectations come in terms of the nature of the products and presentation behavior. The nature of the product and behavior expectation has to do with the quality of the product which is technically classified under the quality requirements of a product that is produced by the company.Also, it is necessary to know what the product that customers are looking for. If the new fad in town among young mothers is to have their children learn how to cycle at a tender age, then these mothers will definitely take their time to look for a toy that will create the interest of cycling in their kids. This then means that Toga has to invest in the production of toy bicycles. This is referred to as the functional requirement of the product and it is a key guide to understanding the character of a customer and we fail to recognize that the customer has a role to play at our own peril (Bender 28). The benefit of this type of information is that it makes the marketing office to pass the right information to the top management and the result is that the right product is taken to the market leading to good sales. This strengthens the financial standing of the company and makes the customers satisfied and happy.

The last part of understanding customer behavior that the marketing personnel will need to understand is that the customers may not be as distant as you think when they are not listening to you as keenly as you want. They take in every bit of information they can be able to get from the person trying to sell something to them. This information is very important and it guides the customers in present and future purchases. If the marketing personnel conclude that some people are not potential buyers and then treat them casually, chances are the next patient, careful and smart marketing person will take the customer. This information is particularly important to the personnel involved in direct sales.

Measures for Sales Promotion: A Report on Promotional Objectives of the Company

On active sales promotion, the company can undertake a well organized and aggressive media campain.Here; they will tell the customers the available commodities as well as their quality. All the toys and the advantages of the kids having them can be aired and this can raise the volume of sales. Diversification of the avenues of advertisement as noted elsewhere in this paper will come in handy in this undertaking. Other measures of active sales promotion include the introduction of small gifts for children. Any time a parent buys a toy for a child from the store, the parent is given a small gift for the child or a gift for the parent. In this manner, it is possible to have the kid pressure the parent to come to the store for a toy the next time they are in town. The parent may also decide to buy the child a toy from a shop where there will be something for him or her for free as well. This will promote sales for the company.

Promotional Objectives the Company may set and how to achieve them

The company will be required to set a number of sales objectives if it is to realize increased sales. These objectives include coming up to stand out, taking the information about the company and the products out there and brand strengthening or reinforcement. These objectives have specific ways through which they can be realized.

Coming up to stand out: This simply means giving the products of the company an image that is like no other in the market. Being unique is important as it will promote product recognition by customers. The way to do this is to pick unique product designs and colors as well as coming up with unconventional means of advertising.

Information dissemination: This is the giving of information about the company and the products that are available to the consumers. The way to do this is through appropriate advertising. Here, proper message design is crucial and creativity in coming up with advertisements is a true winner.

Brand strengthening: This refers to the addition of value to the product so as to make customers like it even more because they meet their expectations and help them meet their needs(Foxall 8). The toys produced by Toga can be given more value through improved quality. For example producing toys babies who make some baby noise can be a big move in making the market/customers buy more toys from Toga outlets. Here again, creativity will play a very important role. By the time the sales people are taking a creatively produced commodity to the market, it is almost definite that the sale will have been made.

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