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Marketing Planning

Mobile wireless news game (MWNG) is a company whose main responsibility his to develop mobile games connected to contemporary news and events. This marketing plan will widely display our markets segments which are our main source of income. It is in our main focus that we are able to come up new mobile games that will enable us to stay ahead of our competitors.

It is important that we state that, we will fund our development through the provision of consulting services whereby there will be creation of identical mobile game for the corporation for various promotional services. These consultations will largely focus on advertisements that will strengthen relationships which will establish completion with other companies. In the initial three years of the business, we expect our consultation services to constitute a bigger fraction of our source of revenue.

Company description

Mobile wireless new game (MWNG) can be categorized as a small company with greater visions and great future aspirations. Our larger team is comprised of very unique individuals who have constantly ensured that there is a strong connection in mobile communication background and its marketing. Both our local and international team members have established a software development where all the staffs presently are able to come together in ensuring that we remain the market leader.  

We are able to come up with various experiences that our competitors always find a threat in us. Our president who is also our chief executive officer oversees the general management of the business especially the development of new games. Before he became the president of mobile wireless company he was the vice president Apple Company. This has enabled him to gain experience in the mobile industry. He also heads the mobile marketing association which is a plus for MWNG when it comes to the establishment o new markets.


Our fundamental vision is to ensure that our customers have a great fun far from their daily activities attached to their mobile phones. This will be achieved through timely interactive games which are widely accessible on mobile devices which are connected to current pop

MWNG leverages our panel of software development where there will be creation of fun filled experience of games. Ehrlich (2004) asserts that, the main challenge that we fear will be part of us is that of trying to attract visibility through a multi-pronged approaches that includes email marketing and social media. By ensuring that we have gained a significant status in the various market places, marketing of the games will automatically establish our status in the mobile field.


  • Generate over $200, 000 in sales by the end of the first year.
  • Ensuring that the sales have increased by 100% by the second year
  • Customizing on consultation that will ensure development of projects within the initial twelve months

Situation analysis

The sales volume for the mobile games has widely expanded due to constant rise in technology across the world. These product segments which define the use of computers and mobile phones have increased with a margin of 45% for the past six years. During the 1960s, there were fewer individuals especially children who were interested in video games or more or less there were fewer households with a possession of a computer (Ehrlich, 2004).  The constant expanding technologies have ensured that we remain the main market leader in the field of mobile games.

SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats)


It is very evident that from our constant interaction with our established customers, we have managed to established greater strength in the creation of various brands. Other than our great experience in the establishment of new brands, we have various strategies in which we have distributed our products in various new markets. It is also a major strength that we have established strong bond both in existing and new distribution channels.


We have noted that our wide reliance upon line extension has been our main base line of our weaknesses. The other notable weakness is that of engaging in complex non-core categories which often tend to consume loads of money. 


Having greater strength in branding, it has been established that we have developed an attractive brand whereby we have a much wide opportunity in partnering with big global companies across the world. These global companies will always ensure that we will introduce new products within market places.


It is very evident that due to development associated with technology, it is very obvious that there is strong competition found in global markets.

Target markets

Mobile game users consist of young people especially teenagers. Since the youth and young adult demographic are considered to be very wide, it is also very beneficial. There are innumerable goods targeting this demographic, from soda producers to clothing manufacturers to beauty and hair product industries. This section can also include of recruiters especially those in military areas or other related jobs. It is evident that many companies and organizations have   already utilized millions of dollars on sales and marketing to this faction are often looking for newer, more artistic customs to arrive at this market to add force to their brand and ensure that they have made tremendous sales to their products.

It is very obvious that our ideal customers who will constitute of our target market will be individual between the ages of 13 to 25 who are to known to enjoy playing videos. In a world where technologies are growing day in day out, it is important that our potential customers have a wide access to a home computer or a mobile phone that allows applications to be downloaded on. It is also important to note that also young teenagers in colleges who are also glued to video games and also in their mobile phones. Our game plan is to ensure that there are equivalent positions within various large organizations whereby there will be creative promotional methods for our products and services.

Competitors’ analysis

It is evident that there are many mobile games developers across the world. However, it is clear that only a few of these are actual or real companies. It has been noted that most of the current mobile games is developed by an individual who has little or no knowledge in its marketing and advertising the service. It is clearly that through our unique twist we are able to be advantageous because less time is spending thinking on the themes that each game will be associated to. It is our strategy that our games are based on a theme that will be based on a real life story.

Mobile wireless news game top competitors for mobile games are Microsoft (which is 36% of the market) and Google android (which is 13.5% of the market). When these two companies are combined, they create almost 50% market occupancy which is considered to be a substantial threat within the mobile game industry. In creation of various new brands of mobile games, it is very evident that MWNG has established a platform which it uses to fight its competitors.

From survey, there is clear indication that the company may not face direct competition from local companies. This is due to the constant emphasis that our company has done towards product awareness and ensuring that different sales channels do not reach or supply one particular market. Due to a strong established distribution channel within the mobile wireless news game   company, there have been strong partnerships which ensures that the perceived product reach the customer on time and on a standard quality.

Distribution channels

Phone games are distributed through our company which is currently been controlled by Apple. One of the obstacles is that our company has experienced a certain urge to overcome the speed to which Apple Company approves application for downloading. This is a very sensitive towards our company since mobile games provided by our company has a nature that is popular when it come to the issue of circulation.

Blackberry application which is mainly controlled by the black berry APP world is another key distributor of our mobile games. According to Bangs (2002), Their preferred users tend be much older in the field of mobile games therefore, enabling our company to make more sales due to their constant experience in the field of mobile application. It is important to note that we create wide customs with Blackberry Company so that we can be able to meet customers and consulting firms with our production.

Market definition and segmentation

In this segmentation, we will widely focus on mobile game users and organizations those we want and which will ensure that they reach the intended customers.

Other than Blackberry Company we also have Google android which tends to offer an open source model in the numbers of mobile application that they are able to sell to the customers. This point clearly eliminates the need associated to reviewing which is most likely to post new applications quickly in the market. It is very evident through the quicker applications, our mobile games will automatically gain market share.

Mobile game users

It is evident that this field focuses on two kind of customers defined in the demographic of individuals interested in mobile games. The two customers are: teens and young adults, where teenagers’ age will be that of 18 and below and that of young adults to be that of 18 and above which is the required legal law. The main difference displayed between the two demographic is who provides money required to purchase the game.

Organizations that want to reach the teenagers and young adults

It is evident other than the teenagers and young adults; there is an additional customer who buys mobile games growth services i.e. the chief marketing officer whose main intention is to promote their products and services so as to overlap the demographic associated to mobile game users.

Key to success

According to Bangs (2002), The main or fundamental key to success is to be able or to gain access to a case studies used by other companies so as to have the maximum power of mobile games so as to be competitive in the market. This action can be achieved by the use of metrics an example being the number of time a certain game was downloaded. We have ensured that we post track able links to various social Medias so that we can get a clear view of the number of people who clicked on each post. This also will assist in finding out the number of people who viewed the link especially the online links.

Marketing Plan Strategy

In view of the fact that our games will be coupled to current news proceedings, we will put emphasis on our focus on originality along with impressive service and the rate of growth for our consulting customers (Bangs, 2002). It is vital for us to obtain a market fast in order to get the most out of the news event that is connected with the game. The longer the impediment amid game commencement and game release, the less the dissemination of that particular game.

It has been noted that gamers like sharing ideas and notes to other gamers. On our web site, we will ensure we establish a new forum that will foresee that different people can post and take action to comments without restraint as well as issue out suggestions for new games or what should be added to already existing games.

For one to be part of the forum he or she will be required to register and individuals who would have created post more often will be rewarded with an outstanding label, a gold star, next to their profile to demonstrate to the other users that they are a "super contributor" to the forums. For our demographic which will mainly consist of the young adults, this super contributor tag will be an indication of their loyalty to our company and to our entire mobile games (Bangs, 2002).


Based on the above analysis that is from the distribution channels, target market and competitors analysis, it is correct when we state that mobile wireless news game (MWNG) appears to be profitable and greatly displays a strong outlook for the market share and significant segment growth. Upon the implementation of this market plan, it is very obvious that mobile wireless new games company will experience increased market shares and will regain its market position as the market leader in the distribution of mobile games and downloading systems. It is very clear that MWNG has established a long lasting relationship with its customer for its diverse launching of new mobile games that are sensitive to various age groups.

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