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Problem Construction

The following report analyses the different concepts of a problem as has been discussed in week 1,2,3 and 4.


A problem has to undergo a number of stages before a solution for it is arrived at. These involve identification, construction and the solution. Problem construction and the solution are vital to managers in different companies.

Week 1

Problem presentation and screen cast are incredible ideas that are of the essence in the society. They are even more vital in a business where strategy and problem solving is key to success of any business venture. This presentation outlines clearly the meaning of strategy and how it can be used in finding solutions to the problems. Problems are inevitable, what is important is the manner in which one understands and tackles them. The presentation gives the elements and contexts of the problem and ways of tackling them. These are some of its strong points. Somehow the presentation has weak points in that it gives no illustrations for better elaboration of the ideas.

This presentation can be of great help to managers since their biggest challenge is usually how to deal with different problems facing the company using the minimum resources and making sure that the image of the firm is not tarnished. The presentation, to that effect, explains ways of identifying a problem and construction of a solution.

Week 2

Five definitions for strategy are provided by Mintzberg; these are plan, ploy, pattern, position and perspective. Ploy, to me, seems to be the most important of the Ps. This is because most of the challenging and difficult problems for a firm are those which arise spontaneously without warning. To deal with such, a manager has to come with a strategy that will specifically look into solving that particular problem within the shortest time possible.

Week 3

Natura, a Brazilian leading marketer and manufacturer of cosmetics, skin care, solar filters, hair care products and perfumes, adopted direct sales as their sales model. They use ordinary women in their advertisements instead of models. This happens to be one of strategies to market the company in a better manner since, by using ordinary women; they bring out the feeling in many users that it is meant for them. They identified the problem, the notion among most people that cosmetics are meant for the models and acted and this has see them become the best in the Brazilian cosmetic market. Natura has embraced strong research and development activities. They also face stiff competition from O Boticario of Brazil and American Avon.

Week 4

For superior performance, capabilities are vital, because they are relevant to strategy. This is because of two reasons; capabilities of an organization characterize what the organization can do well they are related closely to a company's choice of product market positioning and product market. They are geared ultimately towards delivery of specific sets of services and products. Choices concerning those services and products have remarkable effects on what type of capabilities a company must possess to remain competitive.

Commitment is also a major determinant in which superior performance underlie. It refers to engaging in a few large decisions and ventures like acquiring a new product  or dropping one to venture into another, engaging in a major expansion in capacity, which will have lasting and notable effects into future courses of action. If managers are to achieve superior performance, they must be prepared to make such decisions once in a while.


Problem construction, combined with strategy, is of paramount importance to any organization. Ploy is the best strategy to tackle spontaneous problems that mostly tends to haunt managers.

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