Jun 25, 2018 in Marketing

International Marketing


            International marketing involves the process of taking the marketing procedures and strategies across borders other than in one’s own country. This paper focuses on the economic development of Spain as a potential investment and marketing destination for EduTot Company. The paper involves economic development analysis for Spain and its contribution to the overall performance of EduTot.

                  Economic Development in Spain

            Spain has a large economic set up as the fifth position in Europe and raged at the twelfth position in the world’s gross domestic product nominal comparisons. The country is among the most developed countries in the world at fifteenth position. Until recently the Spanish economy was very most dynamic in the European Union. The economy attracted a significant foreign investment amounts to the country and has successfully avoided virtually zero rate of growth as was the case for its partners in the larger European Union. TheSpanish economy was a major inventor of new jobs in European Union for five years up to the year 2002. The economy has however entered into a deceleration phase for the last three years. Spanish economy benefited significantly from the  real estate boom experienced globally, the construction produced a 16% of GDP and 12% employment.  

                   Edutott Marketing in Spain

            Edutott Company is therefore placed in a better marketing position for international marketing in Spain.  The main level for economic development in which the Edutott Company will target is the tertiary level of economy in which real estate boom has greatly impacted. These levels comprise of the group with the prospect financial stability and therefore provide market for Edutott products. The differences between   the tertiary   level and the secondary level of economy place the company at a better marketing position in terms of products promotion and pricing. While the secondary level is facing the negative consequences of the real estate boom the tertiary level is settled with financial stability and therefore provide the company with ready market. The company will however need to adapt to the economic status in the secondary levels of economy to enjoy a wider market.  

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