Jun 25, 2018 in Marketing

International Marketing for Edu Tot

In the recent years, there has been a growing demand for the creation of a greater emphasis on the early education as well as finding more and better ways to stimulate the learning process of the children. This was clearly the company’s mission to expand the children’s education especially those who had already been enroll in the kindergarten. This process was emphasized all the way to the k-6 grade. For the success of this learning process, there was need to integrate the role of experienced teachers and this was done by a group of teachers in the Philadelphia school systems. This worked very well and it worn fame for the company edu tot

 Edu tot has been striving so hard to get a place in the high markets across the USA business world. The main product of this company was to deliver the integrated education programs which had manuals that were carrying all the instructions needed to access the progress of the program. The main area of focus for the company especially in the United States was to market their programs to all district schools and especially through the parents. There were mainly two marketing teams to handle the main two target groups in the education sector. The focus was in both the public and the private schools. The marketing team was very focused on getting to know the parents of these learners since they were the main target group. They established the best methods to reach the parents which were through direct mails, advertisements, and use of catalogues and through visual and audio means of communication.

            In conclusion, Edu tot is continuing to expand its revenues over the last ten years since they went public. The company has been striving hard to expand its operation internationally by recognizing the markets outside the United States. This process has been successful so far and more children are getting stimulated to get enrolled in the company up to K-6 range.

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