Jun 25, 2018 in Marketing

Defining Marketing

According to me, marketing is whereby a seller tries to get clients to buy his goods through various ways like product promotion, giving free gifts or employing marketers whose job is to enable and convince customers or clients to buy a product. The main target of marketing is therefore to let your product be known by prospective buyers or consumers, this will therefore increase sales and in turn lead to profits.

       According to business dictionary.com, marketing is defined as the process of management   through which services and goods move from producer to the customer.  It therefore  consists of  coordination  of four elements  identifying, selecting , and developing   a product , determining   its price , selecting  of a channel of distribution  to reach  the customer's  , and developing and implementing   a promotional strategy .

       According to marketingteacher.com, marketing is defined as the process whereby the society’s consumption needs are supplied, hence allowing coming up of distribution systems that is made up of participants who interact  under ethical and economic constraints to create flows or transactions which solve the problem of market separation resulting in exchange of goods hence consumption. It also defines marketing as the coordination of resources of an organization so that they can be able to meet customer’s needs that the organization depends on.

       Marketing therefore plays a crucial role in the success of a business. It promotes awareness of the product to the public. This is because the primary goal of marketing is to get the service or product to be recognized. Marketing can be done in various approaches but the good thing is that all the forms of marketing promote product awareness. Online marketing has fast gained ground and is the most efficient. Therefore, any company must invest heavily in marketing to allow them to be discovered by clients.

       Marketing also helps to boost product sales. Apart from making the public aware of the service or good, marketing also serves to boost revenue growth and sales. A company could increase its sales through marketing through radio commercials, TV advertisements. This is because people tend to get interested in buying a product the more they see it being advertised.

       Marketing also serves to build the company’s reputation. This is achieved through creation of a brand name recognition that enables consumers to associate easily with the brand e.g. logos, images or captions when they see them in advertisements. For example, the McDonalds arch design is known for attracting people  who identify with the image. Marketing enables an organization to grow and expand because more customers tend to purchase more from reputable companies.The coca cola company, is based in the united states of America that deals with beverages and has achieved in meeting the demands of soda world wide due to strategies in marketing  and branding itself as the worlds provider of sodas world wide through establishing for  themselves a brand and marketing widely e.g. sponsoring the 2010 south Africa world cup. Another example is the Gerber products. They target caregivers and new parents because they are infant specific. If consumers are small or large groups it is paramount to know who the intended buyers are to allow victorious marketing


       It can then be concluded that for every business to succeed it must establish good marketing strategies because through this the company will be able to provide information, identify real customers, save time, establish trust among clients, addressing of issues and is also an effective tool in clarifying issues that relate to a product in the market.

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