Jun 25, 2018 in Law

Immigration Policy


Immigration has become one of the hottest issues that are being faced by any government and nation but more particularly the United States of America. There are many reasons why immigration has been such a debate today. One of which is the quest for a greener pasture and greater opportunities for people in all over the world. It cannot be denied that many nations are not able to provide for their own people. There are children dying, youths that are not able to go to school, homeless individuals, and rampant poverty. Because of these reasons, the American dream has become the driving factor for people to migrate. With each passing day, the number of immigrants is unbelievable. As a matter of fact, the number of unauthorized and authorized migrants are almost the same. But in January 2009, it has been reported that the number of unauthorized immigrants has decreased from 11.6 million to 10.8 million. Immigration is a serious issue (Hayter, 55). While it posited many advantages to the economy of the country especially in the United States of America, the threat is still imminent now that migrants are in possession of various strengths that can contribute to the growth of the country.


Undeniably, one of the strengths of migrants is the hard working characteristics. It cannot be denied that most, if not, all of the migrant workers are doing their best to please their employers. As a matter of fact many companies are employing migrant workers to fulfill the operations of the business. Compared to the natives of most countries, the migrant workers value their work more than anything else. They make sure that they go to work on time even if they do not feel better. The work ethic is highly observed and valued as well. The same thing goes with the students.

The migrant students value the education knowing that it is the only key for their success in the country they chose to migrate to aside from the United States of America. Other than that, it can be seen that the bond between fellow migrants is stronger. They get strength, motivation and confidence with each other. When one fellow migrant is in trouble or having a tough life, it can be assured that the migrant group will be there to lend a helping hand and to ensure that everything goes well. Activities and social gatherings are conducted and held in a consistent schedule. These, alone, make the life of migrant groups easier (De La Torre, 112). However, it cannot be denied as well that there are also certain weaknesses that the migrant groups face.


The primary and obvious weakness of the migrant group is the language (Behrendt, 38). This weakness is a strong barrier to completely adapt to the culture of the selected country. For example, in the United States of America alone, the rate of migrants that cannot speak English is high. For migrants whose native tongue is not English, the communication process can be difficult most of the time. The task of simple ordering in a restaurant or reciting in a classroom activity can be very dragging to a migrant if there is no fluency of the English language. But the good thing about this, though, is the fact that the effort to learn the universal English language is increasing. The migrants are striving hard and doing every effort to develop communication skills and to learn the language in order to expand their horizon.


Despite the existence of language barriers as the main weakness of the migrant groups, the numbers of migrants are increasing. The primary reason for this is the fact that many people are looking for ways to improve their lives and to actually experience the American dream which is the most important part of it all.

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