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Legality of Marijuana


Legality of marijuana in the globe varies based on the areas of use as well as in geographical location in the society. Various communities are attached with the drug and calls for a comprehensive legalization of the drug in on the grounds that it has numerous tremendous effects and it is not a major health hazard like other drugs. Also, marijuana is highly used for medicinal purposes in the medicinal field either as curative prescription or as pain relief to patients under medication. From this perspective the debate on legalizing the drug in the society has increasing and organizations afflicted to the civil society are calling for an urgent response from the relevant authorizes to establish responsive policies to the increasing debate. On the other hand the due to adverse consequences of the drug to both the user and the society marijuana should be illegal in order to safeguard the communities around the world from its scandalous effects on health and behavioral patterns. Therefore, usage of marijuana in the society can be approached from two perspectives on its effects to the communities that actors as the basis towards calling for legalization or illegalization of the drugs in the society. On this ground, this paper wishes to comprehensively evaluate legalization marijuana from debate trends on the issue to both merits and disadvantages of legalizing the drug.    

Debate trends on legality of marijuana

Marijuana has been in used in the society for centuries for the following purposes; recreational purposes by communities, a pain and ache reliever and for medicinal purposes especially for treatment of cancer patients. Usage of the drug for recreational purposes has received varying responses from policies makers as well as civil activities in the society. This was mainly based on the adverse effects associated with the drug to both health aspect and behavioral patterns. This contributed to large part to formulation of policies and provision aimed at controlling its usage on this grounds as well as sale of marijuana in the society (Miller, Para 4). This acts as the fundamental move towards illegalization of the drug in many part of the globe. Illegality of the marijuana in the society become rampant and laws to ensure that its usage in is highly reduced were effected in different parts. From this perspective usage of marijuana was mounted on a notion that it is associated with criminal activities and can culminate to severe damage to particular organs as well as to mental disorder.

However, in the recent past due to its continuous usage in the society for recreational purpose as well as for medical purposes, organizations are calling for its legalization. The debate of legalizing marijuana is continually increasing in many parts of the globe and it is yielding fruits in certain parts. For instance in the states of California marijuana usage for medicinal purposes has been legalized and this is being translated other sates in the United States (Mendes, Para 1/2). The trend of legalizing marijuana in the society is mainly based on its medical applications though organizations are arguing that the drug can be monitored more closely if it is legalized. Although the debate on legalizing the drug is gradually coming rampant in the society organizations against the move to legalize the drugs are in fore front of establishing a platform towards ensuring illegality of marijuana is unaltered (Gallup &Newport, 408). This established two avenues of evaluating implications of marijuana in the society based on the sentiments and reasons tabled by each group of organization.    

Merits on legalizing marijuana

Notably, legalization of marijuana in the globe has both advantages and disadvantages. Regarding on the beneficial aspect of legalizing cannabis in the society, various factors and outcomes are considered and acts as the fundamental reasons towards calling for legalization of the drug. In order to establish a consensus between the varying parties on the legality of the marijuana convincing factors are crucial. Apparently marijuana is widely in the medical field for various reasons like pain reliever and curative effects to cancer patients. From this perspective cannabis plays a significant role in facilitating or promoting health in the society. The fact that marijuana is generally illegal in the society its comprehensive usage for medical reasons tends to be hampered.  In addition, being illegal and its being used for medicinal purposes establishes a notion of contradiction regarding marijuana. Therefore, in order to foster its usage in the medical field as either an ache reliever or on those diagnosed with cancer legalization of cannabis poses to be paramount importance.

Usage of marijuana in the society is high especially for recreational purposes. Therefore the fact that provisions have been established in various nations aimed at regulating its usage is not sufficient in ensuring the drug is infamous. Actually the number of cannabis user is increasing regardless of the established legal avenues to discourage its use and eventually eliminate it from the society. This reveals that cannabis is gradually gaining popularity in the society ever with the established policies to minimize its growth as well as its application in the society. In this case illegality of marijuana in the society is not ensuring that the drug is not being grown or used on the society.

Notably, the fact that marijuana is illegal it is generally grown in inappropriate environment which has negative consequences on its quality. Therefore, marijuana products in the markets are generally of low quality and can have unfavorable effects on the user (Miller, Para 4). However, illegalizing marijuana establishes an apt platform to ensure that it is grown in suitable environments free from unpleasant implications. Also through legalization of marijuana quality can be closely monitored and regulated to the pre-established standards. In this case safety on the drug can be enhanced rather than usage of the drug without any form of regulation or standardization from relevant body. On this ground legalization of marijuana highly promotes its safety application as well as boosts its quality through establishing proper avenues of growth and monitoring.

Illegal deals of drugs culminate to illegitimate business in the globe carried out in secrecy. From this perspective the federal government and established institutions of collecting taxes rarely benefit from the illegitimate businesses like the sale of marijuana where it is illegal. Therefore, legalizing of marijuana’s usage and sales in the society establishes an appropriate avenue to collect taxes from the deals and eventually enhance the revenue. It should be noted that marijuana business is a boom but its contribution to revenue generation is not noticeable in economic development (Moffatt, Para 2). According to pro-legalization of marijuana organization, endorsement legality of the drug would not generate revenue to a nation but also stimulate tremendous development of economy through legitimized marijuana trade.

Demerits on legalizing marijuana

On the other hand legalizing marijuana either in medical fields or for recreational purposes can have various alarming affects to the society. Marijuana as a drug like any other drugs establishes in the globe establishes a platform towards introducing an individual to other hard drugs that have adverse effects on both physical and psychological aspects of an individual. In this case a marijuana user is usually at risk of abusing other drugs and eventually become an addict. Therefore legalizing marijuana fosters usage of other drugs that can compromises with health of a victim. In order to avoid these actions marijuana should be illegal and its usage highly discouraged through formulation of relevant provisions.     

It has been revealed that continuous usage of marijuana can lead to various health complications to the user. The long term implication of the drug to the user is scandalous and medical practitioners in the globe are in the fore front in ensuring the public especially user realize the potential hazards of continuous usage of marijuana. For instance, energy depletion and apathy have been identified to be induced by a prolonged usage of marijuana by an individual. In addition usage of marijuana for a prolonged period can result to chronic bronchitis as well as cancer of the lungs.

Therefore, legalizing of marijuana would culminate to increased case of health complications associated with usage or abuse of marijuana hence illegalizing is identified as the most appropriate measuring in safeguarding health of the society (The Editor, Para 2). Also, legalization of marijuana would make the drug to be ready available in the society. Notably, the young generation especially adolescents are curious and may get involved with drugs because of their curiosity. In this case, legalizing drugs can establish an avenue in the society where the youths can have an access to the drugs. This would increase cannabis dependants in the society as well as draw the youth to drugs.         


Legalization of marijuana in the society meets varying reactions from the society as well as institutions relevant to drugs control and usage. From the above finding, debate on the legalizing marijuana is broad and two major camps exist. Truly legalizing marijuana has numerous benefits to a wide range of institutions as well as individuals. However, the process of legalization of marijuana is challenging due to loopholes that might arise in formulation of the scope of its legality. On the other hand legalization of marijuana is perceived as a move towards promoting degradation of the society in both behavioral patterns and health status hence it is highly condemned by organizations against its legalization. This portrays different perspectives regarding legality of marijuana based on approach deployed in evaluating its implications to the user and society.

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