Jun 25, 2018 in Exploratory

The Blithe Spirit

Many a time’s things go beyond our repair and we try to seek help from every part of the ambiance anybody who comes across our side. Here is a comedy demonstrate of a disturbed man whose centre did not hold more and opted to happy-go-lucky fortitude. The other part of the comedy is of the wife who wants to live with her husband of different setup but also turns into more misery. Perhaps, the husbands imperfect to live with the second wife made him seek the witch’s power. On the same case may be the first wife’s covetousness for her husband living with another woman made her turn to the witch. Though he decided on the magic work it bore no fruit as per his prospects. The situational polygamist decided this after the death of his first wife.

As a result, of the first wife’s death, he married a second wife and visited the witch for bring the deceased back to life. The witch’s power brought a rude shock to the husband for it could only make the dead live as a ghost. Due to former love ‘the living ghost’ attempted to exterminate her husband for both to have life continuity in heaven.

Regrettably, the murder effort got the second wife leaving the living ghost with the husband! This left the husband with a lot of dissatisfactions. He went back to retry the spiritual powers to revert the first wife’s life. The peak of the comedy came when the witch returned the second wife into life. The husband’s anonymity did not come to an end for without option he had to live with the two spirits.

 The displeasure of things beyond our reach mostly brings despondency in life. If the man accepted the first life occurrence and after the second marriage live with the second wife, he could not have experienced living with spirits what he ended up doing. In both circumstances neither the husband nor the first wife’s desires come true rather they all become disastrous.

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