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The Idea of Attraction

Interpersonal attraction is an attraction that occurs between people leading to them becoming friends and ending up in romantic relationships. It is linked to how much a person loves likes, hates or dislikes another person. In a way it appears like a force between people that draws them together hence resisting their separation. In a great way, interpersonal attraction varies from physical attraction which involves only being attracted by the physical appearance of a person that one considers to be handsome or beautiful. When determining the degree of attractiveness between two people, one must consider the qualities of the attractor and also the qualities of the attracted in order to conclude an accurate answer.

Many people are led to interpersonal attraction by varying things which are also determined by varying factors like culture, ones exposure, individual personality and the place one is from. Many interpersonal attractions occur due to people interacting and spending more time together with others hence ending up becoming great friends or intimate partners. However, there is little exception to one getting attracted to a person by just being exposed to them for a longer time.

It has been noted that, most people get attracted to people with similar personalities to theirs

This includes similarities both physically and in social appearance.  Similarities in life goals, appearance, characteristics and bone structure all become a factor in generating interpersonal attractiveness between people. Many people in different races and ethnic groups, enjoy spending their life with people that they look alike in order to always receive confirmation of how they are from the other person in matters of attitudes, personal characteristics and ideas. This is termed as look-a-like effect that plays a great role called self confirmation. For instance religious people like being around other religious people as they end up sharing same ideas and have similar goals. Football fans like being around other football fans (Elaine, 1971).

In all different people in matters of races, ethnic groups, personality, physical regions and physical features, all share some aspects when it comes to choosing the right person to have an interpersonal attraction to. It is noted that people are attracted and are likely to end up in long term relationship with people that they match as pertains to physical appearance. This theory has been supported by many researchers some suggesting that people compare the attractiveness of the other person in matters of facial attraction by comparing that with their own facial appearance. In a research done by Colombia University, men are rated to prefer physical attractiveness more than women but in all, they do take similar physical appearances as a factor to consider (Fisman, 2006).

Another universal consideration in matters of interpersonal attraction is attitudes

A person is more attracted to another one with whom they share similar attitude, which is almost proportion to the one the person has. Similarity in attitudes and interests lead to social attraction while differences in attitudes lead to avoidance and dislike. Similarity in attitude could in a great way determine the respect different people have towards each other. Cultural and social background is another universal factor as many people prefer. Many people will tend to prefer those that are similar in certain demographic distinctiveness which includes political orientation, religious background and even social economic status.

Similar interests and activities is another universal determinant

Many people that are in relationships have claimed that they found each other on place of interest like cinema halls, football pitch and even in fun joint. The fact that they both have similar interests make the two people agree on many things and the chances of quarreling decreases ensuring their relationship lasts longer. The last universal factor when getting attracted to a person is the social skills that a person has. Tactical similarity has ensured partners getting satisfied as they perceive themselves to be equal and none seem greater than the other one.

But in a great extent different people are attracted to different things and this may be influenced by different factors. Individual’s height mostly in men determines the partners they are attracted to. Short men will not be attracted to tall ladies as in most cases they perceive it as embarrassing walking with tall ladies. Other people prefer tall partners mostly ladies than short partners. People’s experience really determines the partners they are attracted to. For instance, if a person had been dating partners of a given characteristic and all have ended up disappointing them, they end up hating people of similar characteristic.

The varying of the people one is attracted to is determined by the brain.  Some people are attracted by different parts of the body of a person and the size variance is also a difference in what people perceive to be attractive. One of the parts in the body that is perceived when looking for attractiveness of a person is the facial characters. For female they tend to prefer masculine facial features, cheekbones that are broad, chiseled jaw lines and good developed brows. For men they prefer partners with symmetrical faces (Dobson, 2005).

The scent that a person produces is a determinant of the level of attraction they receive from other people. In many times the scent of an individual goes hand in hand with the person’s facial symmetrical. If people prefer ones facial symmetrical, they end up liking their natural scent. Muscularity and v-shape torso is another part that is determinant of a person’s attractiveness. Broader shoulders, chest that is muscular and a slim waist in most cases are taken to be attractive features. It is referred as a v-shaped torso as the shoulders are broad and from shoulders it slims downwards. For women, a slim waist with large hips and behind is perceived to be attractive by many male partners.

Proportion of body structure to body mass is another part used to determine one’s attractiveness. Although the ratio do vary in different cultures due to cultural traditions and experiences, for Asians and many African people they see the plump people as more attractive while westerners they are attracted by the slender and slim people. Genitalia are other parts considered mostly by women. In many cases women find men with longer penises and broader circumference being more attractive than those with short and slender penises.

Hairiness can be an attraction or expulsion on an individual

Women who are hairy all over the body are seen as less attractive than those that have less or no hair all over the body. For men, it is quite the opposite as men with moderate amount of hair mostly in the chest, face and hands are seen to be more attractive. Too much hair make one seem scary hence becoming a reason to make one seem unattractive (BJ, 2007).

The size of the breast for women is a determinant showing the level of their attractiveness. Women with large and rigid breast are seen to be more attractive as this is taken that they have a higher level of sex hormone which promote fertility. Skin tone also determines the level of attractiveness to other people. Many people prefer lighter skin tones with exceptions of westerner countries where tanned skins are seen to be more attractive. Other parts that people use to determine the level of attractiveness is the height of a person and the length of the legs of people.

Interpersonal attractiveness is a factor that has ensured that people end up with partners that they can live with in harmony and those that they will feel comfortable and proud to be around. The varying in what people perceive to be attractive to them has ensured that at the end of the day every person seem attractive to another individual even though many others do see them as ugly and unattractive. This was Gods way to ensure people, with their different tastes and preferences, end up finding other people that they will love and extend love to.

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