Detailed resume writing directions

What resume implies

A resume is a brief piece of writing giving an employer useful information about the applicant’s expertise and qualifications. It includes such data as the candidate’s contacts, education, professional experience, and skills and abilities that may be helpful in doing a specific job.

At present, resumes are considered a fundamental component of the application procedure. Being involved in resume writing, you have to strive mightily to create a worthy resume to be able to attract the attention of potential employers. A professionally written and properly arranged resume is a guarantee of being invited for a job interview, while the poorly composed one will lead to nothing but failure.

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Identifying the difference between resume and CV

You may have noticed that sometimes the notions “resume” and “CV” are used as synonyms. However, these documents are not the same.

While a resume is a concise piece of writing advertising the applicant’s skills and abilities, a CV provides detailed information about one’s expertise.

A CV, i.e. curriculum vitae, is usually organized in a comprehensible manner. It can be regarded as an encyclopedia highlighting each stage of your life, i.e. education, work, achievements, publications, qualifications, etc. CVs can consist of more than 3 or 4 pages. In the USA, CVs are usually required when it goes about standardized job positions in such areas as medicine, science, etc. These documents contain extended sections presenting the data about the candidate’s work experience, education, internship, scientific publications, accomplishments, and other information proving their proficiency.

As to the resumes, they are utilized in various branches of the industry and usually include a couple of pages only. The point is that resumes are not designed to provide HR managers with highly detailed information about the job seeker. Your resume has to be built around the job you are applying for. There is no need to describe the duties you have performed on a previous job position if they are useless at the spot you desire to occupy.

Key resume writing tips

Resume Writing Tips Resume Writing Tips (mobile)

If you desire to move up the career ladder, you should pay attention to the rules provided below while composing your resume. The given rules ca be used to writing any kind of a resume. Still, you should not forget that different computer programs “read” resumes in different ways meaning the best option would be to stick to a one-column mode.

  • Present the basic data

The chief purpose of a resume is to present a candidate effectively. Therefore, a quality resume should provide information about:

  1. Respective degrees and certificates. Depending on the job position or sector you are interested in, the significance of your academic background will vary. In case your academic credentials are numerous, illustrate only those that are closely related to the applied position.
  2. Pertinent professional and volunteer expertise. In the majority of cases, job seekers describe all the duties they have performed while occupying different positions. Nonetheless, you should concentrate exclusively on your accomplishments.
  3. Contact data. Indicate your full name, the city you are currently living in, your phone number and email. Since the mentioned information is rather sensitive, mind whom you are sending your resume.
  4. Relevant abilities and mastery level (e.g., “conversational French” or “familiar with PowerPoint” versus “fluent in French” “expert in PowerPoint”). It is essential to admit that the basic data presented in a resume is not supported with any references. Actually, omitting references is considered rather useful. In this way, you will be able to save some space and keep your contacts confidential.
  • Analyze other resumes

It can be easier for you to write abut your skills if you see how other applicants have done it. You may find numerous examples of resumes on our website. Select the category your job is relating to and a pertinent title, and browse the paper models created by the specialists with different experience and qualification. Thus, you will realize how to present your abilities effectively.

By scrutinizing resume samples, you will also learn to utilize specific terms and notions used within the company. You will understand how to include them in the content to preserve their direct meaning. What is more, the models of resumes relating to your area will help you describe your experience in the most effective manner.

  • Be specific

It is essential for recruiters to learn about your professional experience quickly. That is why you should arrange your experience in the form of concise and clear statements. You should avoid using redundant sentences.

For instance:
Wordy sentence: Used analytical skills to analyze market trends by means of applying different research methods with the purpose of boosting sales by 35%.
More thorough: The sales were boosted by 35% owing to the market research.

Since a standard resume is two pages long maximum, you need to ensure that your document contains valuable information only. If you cannot decide what data are significant, think about the relevance of the provided information to the description of the position you are applying for. In addition, it is of immense importance for you to know what kind of job you desire to get. It means that your resume should not include the data about the things you do not like doing. On the contrary, focus on the tasks you enjoy fulfilling. In this way, your potential employer will quickly understand whether you are suitable for a specific job or not.

  • Include numbers in your document if possible

Numbers will make your resume more comprehensible and vivid. It will help HRs realize whether you are able to contribute to the development of their organization or not. Therefore, if it is possible, back up the information about your experience with accurate numerical data. It will add weight to your resume.

For example:
Unprofessional: Increased the amount of profits by implementing effective marketing strategies.
Professional: Increased sales by 25% by implementing effective marketing strategies.

  • Include the keywords used in the job description

HRs want the job seekers to be aware of the terms used in a specific area. If your resume contains the keywords and phrases mentioned in the job description, your chances of being invited for a job interview will increase greatly. In case you are going to post your resume in a specific online base, inserting respective keywords is vital.

In order to know what keywords to include into your document, try entering different search concepts/terms the search engine. Then, read the presented descriptions of various job positions and write down the terms and notions used by employers. Those which you find suitable may be included in your resume.

  • Edit your paper a few times to detect mistakes

Even the slightest mistake or typo may destroy your image and, as a result, you will not be considered as a suitable candidate for a specific position. For this reason, you need to proofread your document several times to make certain it is flawless. One of the effective ways of spotting errors is reading the sentences backwards. Such a technique may seem weird, but it is rather helpful. As an option, you may request either some of your friends or family members to read your resume before you send it to your potential employer.

A solid resume will help you find an interesting and well-paid job more quickly. If you stick to the provided rules, it will be easier for you to create a powerful resume clearly highlighting your strong points and presenting your personality as the most suitable for a specific position.

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What should be included in your resume

Statement of objective

Before, such statements have been considered common for resumes. Now, there are still the resumes including the said assertions. The statements of objective served as a brief introduction to the resume explaining why the document was created and submitted. For instance, “Objective: To get the position of a sales manager in a large corporation.” If you include such a statement in your resume, you may be regarded as a person unaware of modern standards of resume writing. In modern resumes, the statement of objective has been replaced by the career summary one. Any extra information about the applicant’s experience and objectives should be provided in a cover letter. You should know that resume objectives highlight your personal goals, while summary statements describe aims related to the company’s needs.


There is no need to provide any references in your resume unless it is demanded by the job description. It is better to devote more space to the description of your abilities and achievements.

Soft skills

It is worth admitting that soft skills are not as significant as the hard ones. The point is that proving your soft skills is more complicated in terms of a resume than the hard ones. For example, it is hardly possible that an HR manager will believe you if you say that you are responsible and goal-oriented.

If to talk about soft skills, your need to find the ways of presenting your personal qualities. It can be done by highlighting your achievements.

For instance, you may provide information about the number of successfully launched projects instead of just stating that you have participated in their preparation.


Your GPA should be presented in the section describing your education only in case you have recently graduated from college and your GPA is rather high. Still, this element has to be included into your resume if you are applying for a job in the academic area.

Use quality writing services to get an effective resume

Today, there are a considerable number of online companies offering writing services. However, many of them provide their clients with mediocre papers containing plagiarized text. Unfortunately, such pieces of writing will not help you get the job of your dream as they will not advertise your personality effectively. Poorly written resumes that do not provide any valuable information about the applicant do not attract recruiters’ attention.

Our writing team is aimed at clients’ success. You just need to give us clear directions when placing your order and we will do our best to provide you with a top-notch resume outshining those of your competitors.

Get customized resumes

Some of those who have produced a resume believe that it is not challenging at all. They think that providing data about their professional experience and personal qualities would be enough. Nevertheless, everything is more complicated. In order to make a resume sterling, one has to not only create an impeccable text but also arrange it appropriately. Those who neglect these factors may not be invited for the job interview.

However, how does the organizational mode impact the content? Well, it is obvious that everything is judged by its appearance and only then by the content. Therefore, recruiters always pay attention to the way a resume is arranged. You should understand that both the design and content of your document matter a lot. Hence, neither of them should be ignored. If you cannot create a professional resume on your own, you should not get upset, as you can count on our experts.

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Do you think you are able to create a powerful resume on your own?

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