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If all people were great writers, we’d have a world full of authors, journalists, and English teachers! Unfortunately, we would then lack enough mathematicians, scientists, engineers and doctors. The point is, we need all of these individuals in order to have a world that actually progresses and a human society that can improve itself.  For this reason, colleges and universities provide programs for students in all of the arts and sciences, so that we produce professionals in all fields.  Unfortunately, again, students who are not great writers are expected to be, as they are asked to produce written academic works that prove their mastery in their own content field and, as well, superior skills in writing.

Years ago, grammar and secondary schools focused heavily on developing formal writing skills. Today, not so much, because the knowledge explosion requires so much new course work, and the advent of the more informal language use of the computer age has resulted in “corrupted” style. A high school or university student, facing the prospect of creating a research paper or standard formal essays, then, faces tasks for which s/he may be ill-prepared.  For this reason, a growing number of students have sought out and used a custom essay writing service to accomplish their written assignments. And many students have been horribly disappointed with the results.

Setting up an online custom essay writing service is an easy accomplishment.  Setting up a professional, ethical custom essay writing service is something else altogether, and the differences between the two are significant!  Anyone, sitting at home, can have a website offering academic works to secondary and university students.  S/he then need only collect the money for the orders, search public databases for works that are related, cut and paste portions of these works together, and send off a plagiarized work to an unsuspecting student.  Many of the works will be in poor English, having been translated or written by foreigners, and a simple scan for plagiarism by a teacher or professor will locate the original works quickly.

Students who use, however, will have a completely different experience! Here, students will have the opportunity to speak with professionals regarding their need, receive assistance in completing their orders, along with price quotes, and then obtain a professional writer who will begin on their work from scratch.  The writer will have the appropriate degrees to complete the ordered work in an exceptional manner, and will maintain open communication with the student as the work progresses.  Almost no other custom essay writing service will offer these features.

If the ordered work requires research, one should understand that the custom essay writing service of has subscriptions to all current online libraries, and that the most current resources are available to all of our writers.  These libraries include books, journals, published research, theses, and dissertations, and other online publications.  All content in a research work created by our writers will properly cite resources and do so in the format ordered by the student.

Do not risk using a custom essay writing service that offers cheap prices and deadlines that seem too good to be true.  A thesis or dissertation cannot be created in a few days, as they often promise.  We ask that our clients plan ahead and give us an appropriate amount of time to create the ordered work properly and in an academically-sound manner.  Relative to pricing, we have flexible pricing charts which our customers may check at any time, and the cost relates to the type of work, the complexity of research involved, the academic level (high school, undergraduate, or graduate), and the deadline requirement.  Maintaining exceptional writers means we pay them well!

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