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What is an essay term paper? A common procedure of writing an essay term paper involves a few significant steps. A term paper definition says that it is an analytical or critical report on a specific subject or topic that was covered in the particular course. It usually involves two major aspects: the ability to work with sources and own understanding of the topic. Keep in mind that both these aspects are equally important. The essential purpose of this assignment is to summarize the material learned throughout the entire course and showcase the knowledge of the topic. As such, it makes an essay term paper a perfect instrument for evaluating the student`s proficiency. The complexity of the task serves as the main reason for so many points for this assignment.

Usually, the students confuse a term paper with a research paper. Although their concepts are similar in their essence, a research paper requires a more thorough investigation of the literature whereas the term paper is the smart combination of the literature and own observations.


To understand how to write a term paper, you need to read the professor` prompt carefully and ensure you understand every single point of the requirements. Keep in mind that the instructor wants to check your writing, research, critical thinking, analytical, and organizational skills, so you have to dedicate enough attention to each of these points. As such, when working on such a paper, you have to collect the relevant data, analyze it, and solve an important problem. These skills are very useful in any workplace, so you can consider the successful submission of your term paper as a great investment in your career.

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Term paper writing: Common guidelines

If you have to do a term paper, do not procrastinate! Try to start writing this paper as soon as you receive the task so that you could have enough time for revisions. First and foremost, you need to write a rough draft following the procedure below. When the rough draft is written, read it several times polishing your thoughts and fixing all typos and grammatical mistakes. Improve your paper until you are totally satisfied with it. 

Before writing a rough draft, you have to create the outline, in which you will mention all the points that will be discussed in the paper. If you want, you may follow the structure below:

Term Paper Writing Guidelines

Additional hints

If you have some questions or concerns, feel free to ask your professor for assistance. Alternatively, you can try to search for the pre-written term papers on the web. When writing your term papers, you may find an interesting term paper example for college available online. Use this template for your writing inspiration and you will be able to create unique and original papers from scratch!

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Free term paper sample to read

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