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If you want to impress the admissions committee and make your essay unforgettable, just keep reading the following guide. We have gathered the most effective tips and secrets that will help you write an exemplary paper. Entering the college, most probably, you will be asked to write your personal statement, which is also known as “a college essay.” Have no time for writing? No problem! Feel free to place a custom essay order at If you find it difficult to write a college essay, just rely on, the most trustworthy of the custom essay writing services, and purchase the best custom essay there.

How to Write a College Essay?

essay writing tips

We do hope that these advices will help you create a wonderful essay. As well as any other academic task, a college essay requires much time and efforts. However, we guarantee that the result of diligent work will exceed your expectations. To write your essay well, create a rough draft of your essay one month before the deadline and dedicate enough time for every its revision. A few days’ windows will help you think more clearly. Finally, do not forget to proofread your essay to fix all typos and grammatical mistakes.

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It Is Time to Make a Custom Essay Order

True quality is hard to find, certainly when you are looking for an online custom essay service! With so many from which to choose, and all promising the “moon,” it is normal to be anxious about selecting one that is going to give you the quality you need.

Quality from a custom essay service translates into custom writing that conforms to the instructions of the student, that is created originally, and that is never sold again to anyone else; quality from a custom essay service translates into pricing that is fair and customer service that is genuine; quality from a custom essay service translates into writers with graduate degrees in their topic areas of writing. In all of these areas, excels!

Custom Writing

At, each customer completes a detailed order form, giving precise instructions in terms of topic, length, types and amount of research required, style and formatting, and depth of topic coverage. For basic works at the undergraduate level, these things are generally sufficient. For extensive and complex graduate works, involving research designs and statistical analyses, the instructions will obviously have much more breadth and depth. Whatever the specifications are, however, the assigned writer is committed to producing a work that meets each and every one, and a final check in this area is performed by our editors before the work is approved for delivery to a customer.


We have several hundred professional writers, most of whom have come from academia themselves. They fully understand what plagiarism is and, when they sign a contract with us, they agree to produce only original works and never to engage in any type of plagiarism, no matter how minor it may be. Thus, the writing is fully original and all resources cited appropriately, so that there will never be any question. As a final assurance, our editing staff scans every completed piece, using sophisticated software, before the work is approved for delivery.

Ownership of the Final Product

It is a strict policy at that every work produced and paid for by a client becomes the sole property of that client, once it is delivered. Accordingly, every piece of custom writing, large or small, is wiped from our system after delivery to a client.

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It is only logical that a basic essay, with no required research, will cost less per page than one that involves research and citation; it is only logical that an undergraduate research paper will cost less per page than a Master’s thesis. This differentiation in cost is fair to both our customers and, more important, to our writers. Dependent upon the ordered work, the assigned writer will have unique academic training specifically related to the topic and to the academic level for which the piece is created.

Customer Service

It is rare that a custom essay service offers customer service equal to that of We are, quite literally, open 24 hours a day, in order to discuss orders, provide pricing quotes, and to respond to any current customer who has issues or concerns. At, you will communicate with a real person, via phone, email or live chat – your choice. You will also communicate with your writer in the same manner, and this is critical for extensive and complex works, when drafts of sections need client approval!

Our Writers

As already stated, we have several hundred writers with graduate degrees in all subject fields. They are assigned based upon both the topic area of the ordered piece and the level of writing required. We cater primarily to college and university students, so our writers themselves are at the Master’s or Ph.D. levels.

We believe we are the best custom essay service in existence. Obviously, the majority of our customers share that belief, as they return to us over and over again. They know they can count on quality when they order from us. Join the thousands of happy customers of!