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Buying custom essay papers can be either a perfect solution or a terrible tragedy!Seriously, if you are about to be in the market for custom essay papers, you need to tread very carefully.  This is an Internet business rife with fraud and inferiority, and thousands of students have been “ripped off” by agencies promising what they, ultimately, do not deliver.

Most sites offering custom essay papers are owned and administered by foreigners who lack understanding of the requirements for solid essays and papers in English-speaking parts of the work, not to mention the fact that they use native “writers.”  If the writers attempt to create a work in English, it is so poorly written that it cannot possibly be submitted; if the writers are aware of their weaknesses, they access databases of essays and papers and attempt to cut and paste something together that may or may not fit the topic.  In any case, what is ultimately delivered is plagiarized and has been sold and used many times. 

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