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A social problem is a contentious issue that relates to people's individual lives and interactions. A condition is undesirable to some people in society. Race and social problems provide a global and multidisciplinary discussion for the publication of articles and debate on matters relevant to race and its lasting connection to psychological, socioeconomic, political and cultural problems. Most publications are filled with stories concerning the adverse social condition. Some of these issues include; violence, gender inequality, drug abuse, crime and environmental problems, among others. Such social issues can be witnessed at the local, national and international levels. The aptitude necessary for solving social problems is not a thing of the mere mental power. It must be animated with the religious attitude and warm with empathy for human anguish. It must extend beyond self-interest and seek justice.

It is surprising to think how destructive in a civilization would be such violent conflicts as filling the account of the past. The wars of substantially enlightened countries, since the beginning of the age of machinery, have been the fight of armies rather than disputes conflicts of peoples or classes. The growing difficulty and fragility of organization, which provide the top capacity and increased authority, are accompanied by increased needs and hazards and require, therefore, increased intellect running through nature.

There are two key factors, which can be traced in connection to political problems. First is linguistic ethnicity and nationalism; the second is the view that Western history involves ontological degeneration, which ends in covetousness and naturalism that are critical to all modern political principles.Traditionally, women have more inferior position than men in terms of power, richness and standing. The number of women in key political positions, the money they make and how they think about themselves are reliable indicators (Hao). The gap among the rich and the poor has progressively increasing in the past years. This can be significantly associated with political problems, where the rich become richer and the poor remain in poverty.

The effect on international organization of political structures, struggling to give the basics of life and nourishment to their citizenry causes social justice, and environmental accountability seems to be inconsequential problem... more

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