Creative Writing - Ten Essential Rules

  • You may write on any topic you choose and in any writing style you choose.
  • Avoid being overly intellectual in your writing; base your work and editing more on feelings than thinking.
  • Keep experimenting with your writing styles and with forms that appeal to you.
  • Try to read as much existing creative work as you can and then apply the forms and styles you like from your reading.
  • Identify the right atmosphere to stimulate your creativity. Immerse yourself in your chosen atmosphere to the maximum. This environment may be in a quiet room at home with relaxing background music or in the reading room at your local or college library.
  • Ask other writing experts to constructively critique your work to avoid seeing it only from your own point of view.
  • Once you have completed a significant amount of writing, send it off to be published. This is a good motivator and will cause you to pay more attention to quality.
  • The practice of taking ideas from the works of other people and expanding them is quite normal. This is not plagiarism. You are merely applying your own creativity to ideas that are already published and making them your own.   
  • While the creative writing genre permits you to write about any subject, you still need to check if readers will be able to understand your work sufficiently well. It is not necessary for readers to understand your writing, but at least a certain amount of recognition should exist between your readers and your texts.  

Once you have been writing for several years, you can establish your own rules.