Conspiracy Theories Essay

Conspiracy theories

In the world today, many weird and irrational conspiracy theories come up regarding the happening of various events, particularly in the political and scientific world, which are highly paranoiac. It becomes debatable when proofs are brought into the matter. In the past, there have been various conspiracy theories with different perspectives have been a center of arguments over the years.

Firstly is a conspiracy theory about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. What is supposedly true is that John F. Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald on 22nd November 1963. Kennedy was struck by two bullets while riding in an open limo on a street in Dallas. However, conspiracy has for long revolved around the assassination of Kennedy bringing up various propositions. Firstly, many people believe that Oswald was not alone in executing the murder, rather, a second gunman was involved.  Warring suggestions remain. Also, a big percentage of the American population believe that Kennedy was assassinated from a broader plot presumably by CIA agents out of anger of the Bay of Pigs. Others believe that the assassination was planned by Lyndon Johnson, the vice president. The real truth has not been established.

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Secondly are conspiracy theories in relation to the 9/11 attacks. While the government attributed the attacks to the al-Qaeda, conspiracy has it that the government and its agencies contributed to the execution of the attacks. In addition, it is believed that the intelligent agencies such as the FBI had prior knowledge about the planned attacks, but never acted to prevent them. This is attributable to inconsistency in official commentaries about the attacks. However, the theories are believed to be false after independent reviews and governmental investigations.

Finally is the conspiracy theory on the landings on the moon by the renowned Neil Armstrong. Critics believe that the landings were faked by NASA in association with other organizations.  The public was dragged into believing that the landings on the moon were real after NASA manipulated evidence such as photos, radio and television transmissions, rock samples from the moon, and the witnesses. Today, a high percentage of Americans and Russians have been convinced by the conspiracies, and believe that the landings on the moon were a hoax.

In conclusion, the above theories are evidence that people will always jump into assumptions and will always find patterns. Indeed, conspiracies are so prevalent, and as long as amazing events happen, conspiracy theories will continue to prevail.

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