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As you are writing a major paper, everybody knows that a good introduction is key. But you should not underestimate the power of a great conclusion. In fact, if your paper fails to wrap your research up neatly, it can mean the difference between passing and failing. This is why you should hire a professional writer at EssaysService.com to write your conclusion for you. While our academic services are notable for writing full dissertation and thesis papers that get results, we are more than happy to fill in parts of the paper that you are having difficulties with.


We can write a winning thesis proposal, an outline, an informative literature review, choose the right methodology, provide thoughtful analysis and results, and of course write a conclusion that leaves a great final impression. Our writers are able to write a conclusion regardless of your topic or academic level. So whether you are finishing up your bachelor’s degree or pursuing a master's or PhD, you can be certain that we have an expert who is up to the task. The conclusion is an essential component of your paper. Just as the introduction needs to give the audience reason to continue reading, the conclusion demonstrates that it really was worth their time.

The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize your paper one last time, hammer home your arguments, discuss the broader implications of your study, and make recommendations on what further research related to your topic should focus on.

As the reader is finishing the paper, they should have a completely clear understanding about what you intended to say. Since the conclusion is your last chance to explain where you stand, you need to write one that is very compelling and informative.

Why a supremely written conclusion matters

As your professor or instructor is reading through your thesis, introduction and arguments, they might not yet be convinced that you deserve a good grade. This is why a solid conclusion makes a huge difference. Keep in mind that the conclusion is not merely meant to repeat what you have already stated. You need to take the next step and talk about the broader implications. If it is clear, well organized and interesting, it could end up being very persuasive in the mind of the grader. This especially true as you are discussing the strengths and limitations of your paper in a fair and objective way. Providing evidence that your paper has made a significant contribution to academia is also a very good way to get a high score. 

Here are some successful strategies for writing your conclusion:

  • Clarify the structure of the thesis, demonstrate how the paper is logical, clear and well-organized.
  • Use a holistic approach and discuss how everything in the results and findings connects will to your hypotheses and research questions.
  • Convince the reader that your study makes a significant contribution to your academic field
  • Go out with a bang. Restate the thesis, explain how you successfully carried out your research and made a major contribution that other researchers can use to further your area of study.
  • Discuss the broader implications of your findings.
  • Discuss how future studies can avoid or limit your potential biases and weaknesses. 
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