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Locating college essay writing services is a “breeze!”  Locating college essay writing services that won’t “sting” you, not so much! When students approach, they ask us how we are different from other college essay writing servicesMany of them have been “burned” by other services, promising great essays and papers but not following through.  These students have significant need in areas of writing, and that need has not been met when they have been served plagiarized or badly written works on a fraudulent platter.  The need is still there; they simply want to know that, among all college essay writing services, there is at least one that can get the job done honestly.  We are here to proclaim that does it honestly and that students can trust us to provide exactly what they want and need. operates as a clearinghouse for students in need and writers that are highly qualified to conduct research and writing for them.  Essentially, we do not dictate who specifically writes for any students; we do, however, control the quality and caliber of writers allowed to bid on any works posted on our site.


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The Process Is This

  • is in a continual process of obtaining excellent researchers and writers.  In order to become a professional with, any applicant must submit verifiable documents, demonstrating academic excellence and significant graduate work.  Once those credentials are approved, the writer is given one or more writing assignments, on topics of our choosing which related to his or her content expertise.  Once these assignments are submitted and deemed appropriate for the quality we demand, a writer is then placed within our database of experts.
  • Students post their writing needs with us.  We then forward those needs to the appropriate and qualified writers, and they are welcome to contact the student directly with their bids for the project.  Students may then select the writer(s) they wish, make payment, and the work begins.
  • continues to monitor the progress made on each project and maintains a 24-hour customer service department, should there be any concerns or issues.  If a writer is not performing as promised, we communicate directly with that writer and determine how to resolve the issue.  Very rarely, we have assigned the project to another writer and removed the original writer from our database.  Again, this has happened in only a very few times in our entire history, because writers are highly motivated to continue to work for us.
  • Once the project is completed, it is submitted to for a review and check for plagiarism, prior to it being sent on to the student.  Once the student notifies that s/he is satisfied with the final product, we pay the writer from the money that has been held in escrow for him/her.  Everyone is satisfied.

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Students who select from among all of the college essay writing services should understand that we value their business and will do everything necessary to ensure that their experience with us is fully successful.  We want your business for the long-term!