How to create an appealing college application essay?

You probably know that your college application essay is not only one of the common academic papers. It is also a good instrument for revealing your strengths, qualities, and motivation so that the admission officers could realize what makes you different from other applicants. Writing an application essay in an honest and intriguing manner is an art. If you are not sure you can cope with this task well, feel free to read our guideline and follow the suggestions gathered by the experienced advisors.

How important is an application essay?

Actually, it is hard to overestimate the importance of the application essay. Being short and personal, this paper should engage your reader. Although it is believed that the admission committee members consider only the admission test scores, grades, and academic achievements of the potential student, we assure you that an admission essay plays a huge role in making a decision. As such, you should not ignore this part of the admission process using your chance to create a piece that would persuade the admission officers that they will benefit a lot by accepting your candidacy. Such an essay should help understand more about the applicant`s identity, their motivation, previous experiences, and many other aspects that are necessary to know about the student. You should realize that a well-written, powerful college application essay is your chance to fulfill your career goals and make your success closer.


What should be included in an application essay?

The admission officers are really tired from reading the boring and standard papers copy-pasted from the online websites. “I want to become a student at this college because blah, blah, blah…” Instead, start from telling about a meaningful day in your life that shaped your career goals or begin with mentioning the person, who influenced your decision to pursue a career in this particular field. 

The best thing about an application essay is that it gives field for your imagination. Although there are no limits or strict requirements, you need to be creative and passionate as much as possible. 

A useful tip: although you may find a lot of application essays on the web and read them, we highly recommend you to forget about copy-pasting from the college application essay examples. Having many years of experience, the application committee members know all these essays. Most probably, you won`t get the anticipated result if your essay turns to be copy-pasted. 

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Free application essay example to check

Typical application essays

Basically, all application essays can be divided into two major groups: the “you” essays and the “why us” essays. The “you” essays focus mainly on the applicant, his or her preferences, personal qualities, strengths, achievements, etc. 

Example: Describe your strengths and qualities that will help you succeed in Boston Community college.

In its turn, in the “why us” essay the applicant will need to explain what made him/her choose this particular educational institution. When writing such an essay, you need to study all the information about the college or university you apply for. However, when telling about your motivation, do not forget to mention how you can benefit the educational environment of this particular educational institution.

Example: Is the study in Boston Community college a part of your long-term goals? Why?

No matter what kind of a college application essay you are going to prepare, you should not leave this work till the last moment. Having enough time on writing your essay, as well as its proper revision, you will be able to create a great masterpiece that will please the most demanding committee members. 

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Counselor tips

  • Keep in mind that your application essay is not your resume written in several paragraphs. An application essay should tell your story. As such, you need to think about the ways to make this story interesting and engaging for your reader.
  • Be specific. Of course, your life was full of interesting moments. However, by trying to tell about all of them, you will lose your focus. To bring you the best result, your paper should be clear and easy-to-navigate. As such, we recommend you to think about the experiences and situations that help reveal your identity best of all.
  • Proofread your paper. Of course, the application committee members will base their decisions on the context of your paper. However, we assure you that the obvious grammar and spelling mistakes will show that you have written your paper inattentively. As such, we recommend you to read your paper several times before submission to make sure to fix all the logical flaws and inconsistencies, as well as all the mechanical errors. 
  • Study your instructions carefully. Although there are some common standards of application paper writing, we assure you that every college or university has own requirements for such essays. You need to study this document thoroughly to make sure you can successfully cover every its point. For instance, if the college requires a 500-word essay, we recommend you not to go over this limit because it will only show that you can easily break the rules. Nobody wants such students.
  • Stay focused. If you are asked to answer a particular question, make sure to focus only on it. Even if you want to tell an interesting story, follow your instruction precisely.

We do hope that our simple guideline helped you understand how to write a college application essay. The first thing you need to know is that writing such a paper should not be torture. It is a fascinating journey into the exploration of your identity. Think what makes you interesting for others and make your essay based on it. We guarantee that the result will exceed your expectations!

Undoubtedly, writing a college application essay is not an easy thing to do. However, we assure you that having enough time on preparation, brainstorming your ideas, and staying positive, you will be able to achieve the desired outcome. Be honest in your essay. We are certain that you are a great individual with extensive life experience. So, allow the application committee members to learn more about you. They will like you for sure!

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