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Do you need an English language expert to review and proofread what you have written? EssaysService.com is a cutting-edge writing company that provides all types of writing and editing services to students and professionals.  We offer the following editing services for a wide variety of clients.

  1. If you have finished an essay or paper and you have concerns about structure, vocabulary, grammar, or fluency our editors will thoroughly review your work, fixing any existing errors.  They will make suggestions about organizational structure and, with your approval, revise your work accordingly.
  2. Are you a foreign student and English is your second language?  If you do not want to fail to meet the expectations of your teacher with poor grammar or language usage, let one of our editors review your work and correct any errors he or she may find.
  3. If your paper needs a rather comprehensive revision, we will gladly accomplish it for you, and, at the same time, maintain your writing style.
  4. Are you applying to college or graduate school?  Chances are you will be writing admission essays, and these must be impeccable!  Let one of our editors review your essays, correct grammar and mechanics, and make suggestions for structural changes if needed.

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Looking For A Job? We Can Edit Your Resume

When looking for a job nothing is more important than the cover letter and resume!  This is what introduces you to a potential employer who will then decide to call you for an interview or discard your letter into a trash can. We can write your letter and resume from scratch or review those that you have already written.  Don’t risk submitting a resume that may contain errors and present you as a second-class specialist. Make your resume, cover letter or CV creative and professionally written with the help of EssayService.com!


Business Professional With Specific Writing Tasks

You are a business owner or a manager who has to deliver reports or presentations, and maintain your website compelling and attractive.  You also have a multitude of other tasks that require time and attention, and you know that writing is not your strong point?  Let us help you out here!  We have an expert team of writers and editors, whose combined experience covers all possible business and professional writing needs.  The following are just a few of the number of writing/editing services we provide:

  1. Thorough review of reports and presentations, to ensure that they are logically organized, and motivate potential customers to purchase your products or services.
  2. Review of reports and presentations you must submit to your supervisor or boss.  You want these to be perfect, and our editors will make sure that they really are.
  3. If you have a website, let one of our website designers take a look at it and make suggestions for improvement.  We have a creative and professional staff that will “grab” your visitors!

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Great Editing Help for Authors

You know that any manuscript submitted to an agent or publisher must be well-written and grammatically correct.  Rejections often occur because a reviewer finds the writing to be of poor quality.  You have something important to say, and you want your work published.  Before submitting it, let our editors make a thorough review, correcting all grammatical errors and making suggestions for structural improvements. 

EssaysService.com is able to give its customers a competitive edge, whether to students in school, workers in business, or professionals who must write for living. You will find that our prices are reasonable and our work is of a much better quality than one of those services you may have used.  Give us a try – we won’t quit until you are satisfied!