Bentley University Supplement Essay Sample

Bentley University essay example

Example #1

I’m extremely delighted to take advantage of the opportunity to address such a prized institution as Bentley University. I’m an American-Lebanese, wishing to transfer and enroll at Bentley in order to achieve my future goals and open some wide horizons that get me into my aspired endeavors. Boston is the land of culture and education, and I believe Bentley University will provide me with the ground and prospect to achieve what I aim for in the long run. I’m an exceptionally ambitious and determined person who will sacrifice a lot to benefit from the best chances that life creates. My target is to graduate from Bentley and study Economics and Finance. I’m really proud of where I come from and the civilization that I was lucky to acknowledge throughout my life. I always aim for the best, and to me, Bentley University is the place where I can successfully excel and outshine. Success and accomplishment reflect my utmost creed, and without those indispensable attributes, no one can bring about achievement and prosperity into their lives. I seek value and quality in every deed I commit to, yet I’m modest and self-effacing. My dreams have no limit; however I’m aware that my route to achievement has to pass through hard work, struggle, and profound dedication. And I’m certain that Bentley University is the right and apt place for me to experience and undergo all what it takes to succeed, and get to know more and deeper, the mentality and culture of the American background.

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Example #2

With reference to the above, I hereby seek to apply to your institution. I hope to continue pursuing an Economic-Finance program. The transfer is from Quincy community college. My current visit to the institution inspired my move to join your college. It has a serene environment suitable for studying purposes. I fluently converse four languages namely; English, Arabic, French and Spanish. I have had an opportunity to reside in three countries including Lebanon, Dominican Republic and Boston.

I have aspirations, which to me, I will attain in Bentley University. My plans to continue with a post-graduate degree in the same institution would only be prudent if I start familiarizing myself with the lecturers and students at large.

Bentley University has been a nursery of knowledge, and most of the alumni of the university are successful and well established-thanks to the foundation they got at Bentley. The standard of education offered at your institution will empower me to be an all rounded person in the society. I believe my future depends on the inspiration and ideas on tackling life i will pick at your college. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, an honour society for community colleges. My loyalty and obedience to the society has earned me a reputation to reckon and i hope to maintain the same when I join Bentley.

Bentley has a relatively large library and lecture halls fully furnished to ensure easy and humble breeding ground of knowledge. It really inspires me to date that my first visit has remained to be a driving force towards joining the institution.

Your acceptance and subsequent approval of my appeal would be highly appreciated. I promise to be a hardworking for the general benefit of Bentley community.

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