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Students’ life is full of both entertainment and academic challenges. Students are snowed under a plethora of assignments of various types and complexity levels. They need to tolerate boring lectures and go extra mile winning some additional points for writing assignments. Each day they face the challenge of how to balance their personal and academic life. More so, students are interested in participating in extracurricular activities, but when they have no time for that, they have to struggle with tedious writing assignments. Such a strenuous lifestyle that students may have often leads to overwork and emotional burnout, since they tend to sacrifice their quality rest and relaxation, as well as good night’s sleep. So, in such a case, you may conduct all research and are on time with writing tasks or you may be sleepy and undernourished.

If you are a student majoring in Literature, you cannot escape the challenge of dealing with literary essays. An American literature essay is the one that you will have to tackle. If you struggle with this assignment, though, or do not have sufficient time to complete your literary paper on time, you are free to rely on American literature essay help from our expert writers. With professional assistance, you will not merely get a custom-written paper, but you will also broaden your knowledge on the topic and will get a perfectly crafted template for your future works. An American literature essay is a rather complicated one that can cause difficulties for a student who is novice in literature writing tasks. So, once you cooperate with expert writers from team, be rest assured that you will be accompanied throughout the whole writing process: starting from choosing American literature topics and carrying out investigation to composing a coherent piece of writing with quotations and examples from the text. Whatever type of literature essay help you may need, you may always rely on


Types of American Literature Papers

For the American Literature subject, you may need to complete not only essays but other types of papers: 

A personal response paper.

 This is an essay type where you have to convey your response or attitude to the assigned literary work. Here it is also important to place emphasis on the significance of the book personally for you and the overall historical period/ genre of literary works/ the author.

A historical essay.

In this paper type, you need to analyze the literary work in consideration with the historical period and its specifics. In other words, historical context is essential here.

A literature review.

This is an academic paper type where you have to evaluate secondary sources in relation to the topic and investigate the topic thoroughly.

A comparison and contrast paper.

When you are writing a comparative American literature essay, you need to compare and contrast the assigned book or story with the other works of the same author, or with other author’s stories that belong to the same period, genre, or theme.

An applied essay.

When assigned this paper type, you are to investigate specific problems raised in the given text and then provide a detailed explanation of your attitude or opinions.

A literary analysis essay.

In this paper type, you would have to analyze and evaluate the assigned literary work from your perspective based on your chosen criteria.

Apart from the afore-mentioned American literature writing types, you may also have to compose a theoretical paper, an analysis of an adaptation, or a prompt paper.

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What is American literature? It is not only about novels or stories – it is about letters, odes, poems, narratives, diaries, religious tracts, and even about political documents. It tells fiction stories and relates to real-life events containing details from history, sociology, geography, and political science among others. When investigate American literature, you may find out that it can relate the whole US history dating back to pre-colonial times. Plenty of famous American literature authors made American literature one of the most exciting to read and analyze.

Why are so many students searching for where to buy literature essay? First of all, working on a literary essay takes much time due to the required analysis and pre-writing activities to do. The essay one submits demonstrates the overall knowledge of the subject. Second, the research process may fall hard on many students who find it extremely complicated to deal with argumentative writing. So, if you do not want to struggle with your assignment, do not hesitate and order literature essay from professionals. guarantees top-notch literature essay writing help since the company has the most experienced and qualified writers on the team. The services we provide are proficient since our writers can deal with writing tasks on different topics, in a variety of fields, and of different complexity levels. So, no matter whether you are a college or a PhD student, you are welcome to rely on us for assistance. When you buy literature essay from us, your professor will be positively impressed by the capacities you demonstrate. We realize that literature assignments are among arduous tasks, so we are here to give you a helping hand.

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American Literature Essay Topics

Apart from delivering custom writing services and helping students of different academic levels with their literature papers, also helps students by providing them with tips on how to deal with writing assignments. One of the primary questions that we can help you out with is to choose a topic for your American literature essay. We realize how difficult it can be already to get stuck at the point of selecting a topic, so here are some of the appealing ideas:

  1. Write a comparison and contrast essay based on the analysis of Lion King and Hamlet.
  2. Analyze The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.
  3. Is Grendel a true monster?
  4. America’s Top Cop and further impact on the spreading of crimes.
  5. Write a literary essay on The Night of the Gun by David Carr.
  6. How is the concept of the American Dream depicted in The Great Gatsby?
  7. Love and death in The Great Gatsby.
  8. The underlying themes and symbolism in Fahrenheit 451.
  9. Analysis of The Cask of Amontillado short story.
  10. The topic of abortion in Hills Like White Elephants by Hemingway.
  11. The main conflicts in the story about Romeo and Juliet.
  12. Figurative language means in two stories of your choice.
  13. Character analysis of Guy Montag.
  14. Analysis of Tania’s character in Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rainforest.
  15. The Catcher in the Rye and the character of Holden.
  16. The role of rejection in Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart.
  17. The Heroic Slave as a great representation of African American literature.
  18. Symbolism of color in The Great Gatsby.
  19. What global issues were raised in A Doll’s House?
  20. Love and hate depicted in Romeo and Juliet.
  21. Analysis of The Power Elite by Mills.
  1. Should juveniles be treated equally to adults? Provide examples from your chosen literary work.
  2. “Big Brother is watching you”: topicality of Orwell’s 1984.
  3. Greek values depicted in Odyssey.
  4. Leadership of Odyssey in the literary work.
  5. Schlosser’s The Most Dangerous Job analysis.
  6. Analysis of literary devices in Coelho’s The Alchemist.
  7. Provide a comprehensive analysis of the Raising in the Sun.
  8. Analysis of the story narration in The Yellow Wallpaper.
  9. Relationships with mothers on the basis of Hooks’ Inspired Eccentricity.
  10. How is censorship depicted and explained in Fahrenheit 451.
  11. The themes of self-sufficiency and independence brought up in The Glass Castle.
  12. Depiction of Jefferson in The Making of a Hero.
  13. Conformity to moral values and culture in The Lottery written by Shirley Jackson.
  14. The role model of Junot Diaz in The Dreamer.
  15. Archetypes in Running with the Wolves.
  16. Read the book Silent Struggler and analyze three of the most vivid topics.
  17. Foreshadowing analysis of A Good Man Is Hard to Find by O’Connor.
  18. Characteristics of American Literature in Fitzgerald’s stories.
  19. Topics of Jack London’s works.

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Literature Essay Writing Tips

For those studying literature, American literary works are studied in depth as they reveal specifics of the US history and culture, which are essential to know for every person residing in the USA. American literature is a discipline studied not only by students majoring in Literature or Liberal Arts. In many high schools, colleges, and universities, American literature is a common subject that enables students to learn how to express their opinions, analyze literary works, and develop their writing fluency.

However, when dealing with American literature essay assignments, some students may face a lot of troubles as not everyone is equally talented in writing. So, our experts have gathered a few guidelines that would enable you to deal with the essay in a proper way.

Check them out below:

  • Adhere to the required style and format of writing. In many cases, American literature assignments require that students ought not only to provide an ordinary literary analysis but also to refer to historical background and cultural context. As well as that, some additional background research may be needed if you have to explain specific terms.
  • Maintain clarity and logical connection of ideas when writing your American literature essay. Any quotes or citations incorporated from the text have to be placed logically in your piece of writing. Also, you need to be fluent in writing to develop all ideas accordingly.
  • With some themes in American literature, you have to be unbiased, so it may be crucial to carry out investigation of some topic. Consider that a well-researched topic can add up to the overall quality of writing by giving it specific thrill.
  • After you have chosen a topic, make sure to investigate it from A to Z. It is essential not only to clearly understand the assigned literary work but also to be aware of the historical and cultural context when the novel or story was ready.
  • Despite the amount of research you need to go through, do not cram your paper with a lot of facts and other information. Try to follow the aims and objectives of the paper and make it meaningful. Focus only on the most important points that ought to be analyzed. Trying to fit all details into your paper will not lead you to success.
  • Avoid repeating facts and details you have acquired when analyzing other critiques’ works. Make your point of view authentic and unique.
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