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The House on Mango Street

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The essay critically analyzes as well as summarizes Esperenza Dual identity and culture. The House of on Mango Street is the works of Sandra Cisneros; she accomplished this by using a number of vignettes. The central/main character in this work is a girl Esperanza who is depicted as trying top fix the jigsaw puzzle concerning a myriad of issues about her identity which include ethnicity, sexuality, gender, her status of economy, culture among others. Through her, the author clearly depicts her feminist ideas.

As a protagonist, Esperanza although distinct from the rest of her society and her neighborhood excluded from the others, she always dream of leaving the place and later on come back for those people she cared about-of course her family members. "I am too strong for her (Mango Street) to keep me here" (Cisneros, 110).

She finds her identity in the women in her neighborhood. In “The Family of Little Feet” she experiments with womanhood, she put on high heeled shoes. Together with other girls, they fled due to the attraction they gave to undesired male. With her family, we clearly see her identity and culture. She always dreams of having her own house where she could be sleeping without sharing a bedroom with anybody. This to her is a sign of stability, sense of belonging, financial sense (Cisneros, 78).

She is very courageous, she noted that mastering language gives one power; she wanted to even change her name. Esperenza advocates for women responsibility in supporting each other. She first assumed responsibility to her sister and later to other women in her neighborhood. The culture put women in an awkward situation as men are always above them and not granted substantial powers (Cisneros, 45).

She realized that for her to be independent she will not get involved with boys within her neighborhood, she resorted to concentrate in writing.

It is worth noting that she also takes empathy with those people who are constrained by their thinking and she vows to come back for them and open their eyes. This clearly shows her dual identity.

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